The best DVB-T2 decoders, which one to choose for watching TV

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The change of tuning frequencies of television networks is approaching. Operators have already started testing the new frequencies and starting das of January 1, 2023 we will all have to re-tune to watch TV. If your TV does not support the new standard, you can take advantage of our guide to best DVB-T2 decoders to continue receiving your favorite programs.

The best DVB-T2 decoders: our guide

From October 20 the switch off TV begins, which involves the passage of television images from MPEG2 to MPEG4 format. In other words, from Wednesday 20 the channels of Mediaset and RAI will pass in HD, and whoever has an old TV will no longer be able to see them.

On the positive side, at least for the moment, Rai and Mediaset will allow you to continue seeing the “flagship” channels: Rai Uno, Rai Due, Rai Tre and RaiNews 24, for Mediaset Channel 5, Italy 1, Network 4. All the others, on the other hand, will be unreachable for those who do not have an HD TV, therefore all those sold after 2010. If you cannot see all the other channels, it means that your TV is not receiving the HD-Ready signal.

But this is the first step of the transition to the new broadcast with digital terrestrial, which will be completed on January 1, 2023. In this case, you will need to switch to a new frequency, which even some newer TVs may not receive. Try to go on channel 100 for Rai or 200 for Mediaset. If you read the writing Test HEVC Main10, then your TV can face the transition to the new digital.

If not, you must change TV or buy a decoder DVB-T2. The second choice is certainly the least expensive one, you should get by with a few tens of euros. So here is a selection of the best decoders in circulation.

Which decoder to choose

There are really many decoders for digital terrestrial on the market. The three key features are the reception of high definition channels (after making sure your TV supports them), the presence of the tuner DVBT2 and the coding of the standard HEVC Main a 10 bit. All the decoders on our list are: assuming your TV is at least HD-Ready (720p) you shouldn’t have any problems from 2023.

Some devices also allow you to receive the Satellite TV, pay TV or video streaming services. It is also important to evaluate the presence of sockets: usually there is at least one HDMI and a socket USB. Most decoders also have a module Wi-Fi and / or a socket Ethernet to allow access to the internet and streaming services. Finally, some of these devices also allow you to insert instruments for the Parental Control, such as an unlock code for the TV. All these are features not necessary to see Rai and Mediaset after 2023, so evaluate according to your needs.

Nokia 6000 Digital Terrestrial Receiver

Receiver-Digital-Terrestrial-6000-Nokia dvb-t2 decoder best

This device (which we had already told you about) is one of the best decoders DVBT2 in circulation and also one of the cheapest. It weighs only 228 grams, it installs very quickly (there is an on-screen guide to follow step by step). In addition to offering the canali in HD it also allows you to connect devices with l’HDMI O l’USB and supports the Dolby Digital Plus.

If you don’t need access to streaming apps (or if you already have a Chromecast or similar) you have a simple product, a great remote control and Nokia build quality.

Generic Terrestrial DVB-T2

dvb-t2 decoder best digital terrestrial second generation-min

This device offers Full HD channel viewing and allows you to continue enjoying TV even after the switch off on January 1, 2023. The device has an input HDMI it’s a USB, which you can also use to record programs while watching them. There is also the Ethernet connector to connect the TV to the internet. A basic product, which however allows you to enjoy your TV for a long time.

Edision Piccollo S2 + T2

edision piccollo s2 + t2 decoder dvb-t2 best-min

With the decoder of Edision you can receive both the new digital terrestrial and the satellite signal, with a resolution in Full HD. The decoder offers the cards for Pay TV and LAN connection to access the internet. Also find the HDMI input in addition to the RCA one. If your TV has a resolution in Full HD, the Piccollo decoder has everything you need, plus a complete remote control.

GTMedia V8 UHD 4K

gtmedia v8 uhd 4k-min

Finally, it cannot be missing from the best decoder DVB-T2 is also a device that can receive the signal in 4K. If you bought one of the first TVs with this resolution, you may find yourself in the awkward position of still having a great TV that goes online and broadcasts Netflix in Ultra-HD but that it does not receive the Rai and Mediaset channels.

The device of GTMedia V8 remedies great and also receives the signal satellite. It even has a tab Tivùsat in addition to the socket HDMI, due USB and connection Ethernet is that WiFi.

With these products, you can continue to watch your TV without any problems. But if you want to increase the quality when watching a movie or a game, why not check out our selection of the best TVs around?