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The best indie games of March

Spring flowers bloom on the trees, the indie developer teams in the gaming world churn out many new games! As always, also for this month we arrive with our update to present you some news that indie studios are ready to give you. After our advice offered in the last special of best indies of february, now it’s time to discover the best indie games of the month of March! Let’s find out together news proposed by independent studios with new video games for the month of Marchalso finding some ideas on how to start the new year with some delicious titles!

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3 Indie Video Games by March

  • Kukouri Mobile Entertainment – Tiny Troopers: Global Ops
  • Red Mountain Consulting SL – The Crown of Wu
  • Dry Licorice – Plasma
  • 1. Kukouri Mobile Entertainment- Tiny Troopers: Global Ops

    Let’s start our selection of indies for the month of March with a title released about three weeks ago, and which immediately won us over. Let’s talk about Tiny Troopers: Global Ops, a concentration of energy and small soldiers that populate this very frenetic arcade shooter. We briefly tell you about our test on Steam of this fight…to the last pixel!

    Yes, because Tiny Troopers: Global Ops is part of a series of top-down twin stick shooters designed for mobile. We are therefore not surprised by the fact that the game is characterized by a simple and immediate gameplay, without particular difficulties even in facing the proposed challenges. Tiny Troopers: Global Ops puts us in the shoes of a team of elite soldiers, charged with carrying out various missions scattered around the globe. Without further in-depth explanations, this aspect is the only pretext for triggering the various game missions.

    The missions are in turn divided into individual campaigns characterized by subplots that are never too in-depth, but the true core of the narrative is the humorous tone of voice, which manages to lift the game a bit overall. Looking better at the gameplay of Tiny Troopers: Global Ops, this one is structured according to a very simple concept: you start from a central HUB, accept the various missions and jump into the action.

    Tiny Troopers: Global Ops

    Tiny Troopers: Global Ops

    Epiphany Games, Kukouri Mobile Entertainment

    19,99 €

    Each mission gives as always gods experience points, useful for improving our equipment, buy weapons, upgrades and ranks to access better equipment. A structure that is always the same, which makes learning the mechanics very immediate, as mentioned, but also suitable for a potentially inexperienced audience of games, or very young. Overall it’s a good pastime, that however, it still shows its link with the mobile dimension.

    2. Red Mountain Consulting SL – The Crown of Wu

    We leave the battlefields with firearms and missions of various kinds to now dedicate ourselves to a juicy novelty, Tested are PlayStation 5. The Crown of Wu immerses us in a world inspired by Journey to the West, to explore a fantasy dimension between the future and the past in the role of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. Will everything have gone well?

    Sun Wukong finds himself having to fight against enemies alone, overcoming complex obstacles to recover the great Crown stolen by the antagonist Zhu. With the latter waiting to fight and kill you, we must try to recover the Crown and save the world from destruction. We will have to take advantage of the powers of air, fire, earth and lightningeach offering a different way to exploit the environment and attack enemies.

    The Crown of Wu

    The Crown of Wu

    Red Mountain Consulting SL

    19,99 €

    Il combat system it’s fairly easy to harness, granting you incremental powers as you travel through this treacherous land. The stages to overcome are fascinating, with some of them really intricate and almost all full of puzzles. Furthermore, among the various actions included, we can jump, run and even do parkour,besides having to solve intricate puzzles and overcome increasingly complex trials as you progress.

    crown of wu

    Level by level, we are led to dove face challenges of various kinds, however, considering that it is quite evident that this work is the result of a perhaps quite limited budget. In any case, it manages to capture our attention with a standard gameplay, but fun. Furthermore, the fact that there is no introduction does not help us in the initial understanding of the context, but the overall graphic impression of the world and the art design is pleasant.

    The stages are fascinating, and some are really intricate. Most of them are filled with puzzles, lots of platforming, handful of battles, and the occasional secret corner here and there. Overall a good action platform, without any claim to excel, clearly.

    3. Dry Licorice – Plasma

    Still in the beta phase, and certainly needs a lot of progress to be made, but the new Dry Licorice title seems to be fun. Already known for making Poly Bridge and Kingdom, Plasma will is now available in Early Access on Steam, and we have tested these strange robots, all of which can be customized and moved at will!

    The contents currently available for this beta version are really limited and certainly need to be better defined and cared for, but the first steps taken in Plasma have already given us a first idea of ​​what it will look like. It is a very colorful world with friendly inhabitants, collected within a sandbox with a marked engineering flavour. This game allows us to give free rein to our creativity and access different tools.

    The latter allow us to modification and robot and the world around us not only in a nice way, but also by allowing us to apply the laws of roboticsin a clearly simplified and intuitive way, physics and programming. Plasma starts right away with a complete tutorial that explains the basics to start using the tools made available to the game.



    Dry Licorice


    As anticipated, the interesting aspects concern the approach real to an area such as that of programming and of physics which may appear to us difficult and intricate, but here we have a entire visual programming language, Sketch. This allows both beginners and the more experienced to experiment and create unique devices, contraptions and fully interactive robots and mechanoids.


    Right now, both the graphics and the interface need a lot of recalibration. From the camera that moves too fast, to the necessary use of the mouse to be able to better regulate the use of tools otherwise unusable with the keyboard alone, as well as a series of graphic smudges and a menu that is sometimes too simplified and not very intuitive, to be able to understand fully how to move in Plasma. A title therefore that is now in fase Early Accessbut that with the necessary developments it can give us a lot of satisfaction.

    Also for this month, our recommendations dedicated to indie video games for March end here. Stay tuned for upcoming titles to explore in the indie gaming world!

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