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iOS 16.5, in the Beta Siri can start screen recording

Here comes a new interesting feature of iOS 16.5 beta: the ability to start a screen recording with Siri. This makes your smartphone even more flexible, allowing you to take full advantage of the voice assistant.

Siri can start screen recording in iOS 16.5 Beta 1

Siri is Apple’s voice assistant which allows us to do many things using only the voice. To activate Siri, just say “Fat cows” before our request or press a key on our device. Siri can help us do calls, send messages, find information, get directions, listen to music, check our home and so on.

But now there is something new: with iOS 16.5 betawe can also ask Siri to start a screen recording. This feature can be useful for record video tutorials, gameplay, presentationme anything else we want to show on the screen of our iPhone or iPad.

siri apple voice assistant wake command min

To use this feature, just say “Hey Siri, start a screen recording” and Siri will start recording automatically. We no longer have to go into the control center and hit the record button. To stop recording, we can touch the red banner that appears at the top of the screen or say “Hey Siri, stop recording your screen.”

But be careful to use a precise wording of the command. For example, if we say “Hey Siri, capture” instead of “launch,” Siri will only do one screenshot. This feature is only available in the iOS 16.5 beta, which was released to developers on March 29, 2023 and is expected to hit public beta testers later this week.

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