The best indie video games of October

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Autumn has arrived again this year, a great time to spend a little more time with the cover, cup of hot tea and controller in hand. Also because, as you well know, the news for your videogame collections are always around the corner, and indie studies are no exception. After our advice you found in the special of best indies of September, now it’s time to discover the best indie video games of the month of October! Stay with us to take a closer look at the innovations proposed by independent videogame studios.

5 Indie Video Games of October

  • Stelex Software – Monorail Stories
  • Glowfish Interactive – Trifox
  • Trinity Team – The Darkest Tales
  • You Will Get There – Somber
  • Path Games – Insomnis
  • 1. Stelex Software – Monorail Stories

    Let’s start our selection of indies for the month of October with one Swiss production is part of the team Stelex Software. A rather particular title, disengaged and short, the one that bears the name of Monorail Stories, a short casual story-driven experience all set on trains. Let’s take a closer look at the lights and shadows of this game, which we got to try in its Steam version.

    In this game, as the title itself anticipates, we are aboard a monorail, on which various episodes, more or less relevant, occur. We can, indeed we must, interact with passengerslisten to their stories and proceed with a plot that binds two protagonists, Ahmal e Silvie. They are checked inside the carriages, at different times of the day, each on the line traveling in the opposite direction and although they do not physically meet, they do not know that their every little action interacts with the next journey of the other.

    Thus they end up influencing each other’s life with their own actions. Our destiny can be decided by actions and interactions, These speeches can be set up either with people we meet through a single character, or with both, and the way we place ourselves will consequently have repercussions on the continuation of the story. So it will not always be easy to make the right choice.

    Monorail Stories

    Stelex Software

    14,99 €

    Although the experience is very short, our videogame path will undergo variations depending on the choices. To many possible implications correspond as many endings to which we can reach, some of which are also linked to secondary characters we met. A title therefore that it allows us to explore how events change according to choices accomplished, here as in life.

    We advise you to take a look at this recently released indie title, short-lived but pleasant to follow especially for those who love narrative games. Without forgetting the pleasure of pixel art, with which the game was made in its entirety.

    2. Glowfish Interactive – Trifox

    We continue our stock selection with a simple and unpretentious proposal such as Trifox, video game in which a resourceful fox must find the remote control of his TV. A plot that Glowfish Interactive it offers us in an original way and guaranteeing healthy fun without taking up too much time overall. Let’s see together what this game promises, released on October 14th.

    Trifox is a game action adventure full of quotes dedicated to the classics of the videogame world and with a game mechanics similar to that of the twin stick shooters. The levels are full of coins to collect with which to unlock new skills and for the more dedicated there are some secrets to discover. At the end of each mission, a boss who is not at all difficult to defeat awaits us, thanks also to the skill enhancement which allows us to adapt the style of combat and exploration to each request.

    We therefore have a strange title on our hands, how much fun and that is configured as a good pastime. In fact, we can also experience the story with “three different foxes”, which is why the game was given the Trifox title. This is related to the skill management according to a system divided into 3 classi: warrior, magician and engineer (yes, own engineer). Each has its own peculiarities, which we can calibrate from theskill tree present in a sort of hangar. With the coins collected in the various levels, we can unlock the individual skills of each class, and they can be combined with each other.



    Glowfish Interactive

    19,99 €

    We anticipated it, such a game might seem very simple and almost absurd, but the game systems are well thought out, together with an interesting, colorful and engaging graphic sector. An excellent pastime therefore, recommended for its quotes and joined in nostalgic puzzle platforming version.

    3. Trinity Team – The Darkest Tales

    We continue our selection of indie video games of the month of October with a decidedly dark and interesting title. A all-Italian production, that we have previously reviewed for you and that comes from the same creators of the title Slaps and Beans, Trinity Team. Let’s talk about The Darkest Talesa platform action that takes up some of the most classic fairy tales and the reinterprets in a dark key. Will it really be worth it? We find out together with you in our test on PC.

    Released in mid-October, The Darkest Tales is the story of a teddy bear, stereotypically called Teddy, who must save his mistress. With the help of a fairy, she ventures into different fairy tales, from the distorted version due to a “memory problem” of the same child, and her mission is precisely to restore order in these totally changed versions. From here we start towards little red riding hood becoming aggressive and merciless, bloodthirsty and head of a pack of wolves, without missing a magic bean full of harmful insects or even a Peter Pan different from what you would be used to waiting for you.

    In short, one good dose of paradoxical stories and several gameplay techniques similar to other famous indie titles have managed to break through our hearts. There resemblance to Hollow Knight or the two Ori titles it’s palpable and obvious, as far as the skill tree or the mana and runes system in combat is concerned. In addition to already known mechanics, which partly make the game in question more easily approachable, we are faced with a decidedly pleasant graphic sector with watercolor and pastel tones.

    The Darkest Tales

    The Darkest Tales

    Trinity Team

    19,79 €

    The whole makes the atmosphere even more fairytale and coherent with the content of the narrative. Beyond some technical difficulties and sometimes small game bugs, we highly recommend this platform, considering it also one of the best productions of this year in the Italian independent world!

    4. You Will Get There – Somber

    Always referring, in some respects, to Ori and Hollow Knight, we can face the dark world of Somberand dark title in platform format, again, ready just for Halloween. Developed by the team You Will Get Therewe also got our hands on this very short and equally fun video game, despite its lack of originality.

    Somber is in fact a platform like many others, it does not stand out for particular details in the gameplay, except that we have to guide a sort of sprite in the shape of an eye, which leaves behind a long black cloud like itself, while it moves quickly from a level to the other. Set in a hand-drawn, boldly colored world, Somber is the story of this friendly, yet deadly to the touch creature, who fights to bring justice back to the world of Gloom.

    The game can also be approached in two different ways: slowly, to enjoy the overall atmosphere of the world around us and observe the details, or all in one breath, thus completing the game in almost three or four hours to say the least. We also meet gods from time to time characters with a pleasant and well contextualized designmaking us experience every time the feeling of having to deal with a real world of Halloween.



    Developer: David Söderström, Mikaela Marti, Evelyn Petterson

    6,59 €

    However it is not not at all complex in resolution of small schemes and puzzles in the various levels, we recommend this title to platformers and those who want to breathe the real Halloween atmosphere. Especially considering the launch period of the indie game itself!

    5. Path Games – Insomnis

    We arrive at the last title of our selection of indie video games of the month of October with a production whose name itself is a whole program. In the dream is the new project created by Path Games e arriving next October 31st for Switch after its release on other consoles, a horror in the first person that promises thrills and some jump scare. Let’s see together what it is.

    On the death of his grandfather, Joe Castevet receives everything as an inheritance, starting with family villa. In addition to the dark aura, typical of any abandoned building, this place hides mysterious and terrible secrets. Let’s not forget the presence of ghosts, ghosts of …