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The best Italian TV series in streaming | February 2023

In the panorama dominated by the various platforms spread globally and others of national scope, there are now many Italian productions: in this guide we want to offer you what for us are the best Italian TV series to watch in streaming

The use of films and TV series is now dominated by streaming, with various platforms programming all over the world and some of national importance. In this new globalization of television, US productions naturally dominate, but there are also some products which, initially successful in their respective countries of origin, have also found success abroad. In this guide we want to tell you about the Italian ones, in particular about the TV series that have made the most of the streaming scene. We will certainly refer to the intrinsic quality (in our personal opinion and that of the public) but also to the ability to be successful beyond borders.

The best Italian TV series to watch in streaming

So let’s find out which are the best Italian TV series to watch in streaming at the moment. The following is not a ranking, therefore the titles are indicated in random order. We also specify that all the titles that will be indicated in this guide are found in the catalogs of the major platforms and it is therefore possible to watch them in streaming.

10 – Bang Bang Baby

Let’s start with the first Italian scripted original series from Amazon Studios, available on Amazon Prime Video. It is a criminal coming of age set in 1986, super pop, which pays homage to the grotesque crime of the Coen brothers, combining it with the neon aesthetics of Nicolas Winding Refn. Nothing new then, but in the many inspirations Bang Bang Baby finds an identity all of him, thanks also to the amazing protagonist, the newcomer Arianna Becheronias Alice, the little girl who discovers that her father (Adriano Giannini) is a Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta in Milan. Announced shortly before the lockdown, in terms of numbers she did not go as hoped and perhaps as she deserved. The series is available on Prime Video.

9 – Everything asks for salvation | Best Italian TV series in streaming

Does ending up under the TSO regimen for seven days mean being crazy? That’s what Daniel is asking (Federico Cesari), a twenty-year-old with excessive sensitivity, admitted to a psychiatric ward after a profound crisis. Awakened with no memory in a hospital bed, he finds himself immersed in a distant reality, surrounded by five roommates with whom he thinks he has nothing in common, pressed by doctors who want to rummage in his brain and cared for by nurses who they seem cynical and disinterested. Day after day he will live one of the most intense and formative experiences of his life. A “crazy joy” fit for Generation Z, based on the autobiographical novel (Young Witch Award) by Daniele Mencarelli. Francesco Bruni embarks on this wonderful “ship of fools” with a perfectly fitting cast. The series is available on Netflix.

8 – Gomorrah

Among the most loved and most successful Italian series of recent years, Gomorrah was broadcast and is still available on Sky Italia. In the gangster genre, consisting of five seasons, it brings to the small screen a story inspired by the book of the same name best seller by Roberto Saviano, named one of the 100 Greatest Books of 2007 by the New York Times. A ruthless struggle for power between Camorra clans pits the Savastano family, led by Pietro, one of the most influential and feared in Secondigliano, against the Conte family, who will do everything to prevail over their rivals. The right arm of the boss is Ciro Di Marzio, “The Immortal” (who has also earned a spin-off series), who must follow the future clan leader, Genny. The series is available on Now TV.

7 – Circeo | Best Italian TV series in streaming

On Paramount+ instead, the new paid streaming platform of Paramount Global, we recommend Circeo. Produced by Cattleya in collaboration with Paramount+, Vis and Rai Fiction, this Italian crime genre series brings the well-known news story to the screen, and follows the film The Catholic School, released in 2021. The series traces all the stages of the trial following the terrible news story of 1975 of Circeo crime, telling how much this radically changed the Italian society and mentality of the time and contributed to the fight for women’s rights. The series is available on Paramount+.

6 – Prisma

Another Italian Amazon Original series, Prisma was created by Ludovico Bessegato e Alice Urciolorespectively creator and screenwriter, and screenwriter of Skam Italia, the series sees a cameo by Achilles Lauro, who also wrote an original song for the occasion. It is a coming-of-age drama that revolves around the complex relationship between physical appearance and identity; especially for a generation that uses its own image as the main tool for expressing itself. The series tells the story of Marco and Andrea, two identical twins who challenge gender norms, each in a different way. Their journey to discover their identity will also involve their group of friends, all in search of their place in an ever changing world. The series is available on Prime Video.

5 – SKAM Italy | Best Italian TV series in streaming

Brother of the previous one, on Netflix instead we find a series incredibly loved by viewers: SKAM Italia. Remake of the Norwegian series of the same name, SKAM Italia is a teen drama title that brings to the screen the stories of its young protagonists in a new world where you grow up online in full view of all, and where some things never change, such as discovering of himself. And so a group of friends from the JF Kennedy high school in Rome lives the first life experiences and faces more or less important problems, interfacing with issues such as love and friendship, sexuality, mental health, addictions, violence and harassment, religion and discrimination in general. Each of the five seasons follows the vicissitudes of a different character, over a period of about two and a half years, from the 17 to 19 years of the protagonists and the other main characters. The series is available on Netflix.

4 – Boris

Called not by chance the Italian custom-built, Boris represents a milestone of comedy. A metaseries that follows the filming of a tearjerker fiction, The eyes of the heart, and the vicissitudes associated with its production. After 12 (infinite) years, the most shabby TV troupe then returned to grappling with a fiction on the life of Jesus. In the fourth season of Boris Rene (Francesco Pannofino) and members have to deal with “the platform”. The dynamic is that of the “generalist boomer” vs concepts such as internationality, algorithm, inclusion, code of conduct. And the result is once again the best possible satire on Italian entertainment, between old and new catchphrases. The fourth season of Boris is available on Disney+.

3 – The Bad Guy | Best Italian TV series in streaming

The Bad Guy arrived almost quietly at the end of 2022 bringing to the screens of Prime Video a mafia-series that is like nothing else. Because if it’s true that nothing is invented anymore, it’s also true that The Bad Guy overturns and subverts everything, taking a broad cue from the crime and black comedy genres, but bending them to his conscious amusement. Partly parody of the various general fiction on the subject, with a Louis LoCascio in the role of the Sicilian magistrate mistaken for a villain, who decides to become a villain for real, and a Claudia Pandolfi his wife and lawyer, never seen so free. Applause also to the aquatic music created by Colapesce and Dimartino. A series in our opinion not to be missed, available on Prime Video.

2 – Sea out

The series, conceived by Christian Farina who is also co-author of the subject of the series together with Maurizio Careddu, produced by Rai Fiction and Picomedia, tells the story of the inmates of a juvenile prison in Naples, freely inspired by the Nisida Prison. Filmed in the naval base of the Navy located in via Acton in Naples. has had a huge success so as to earn the renewal (so far) for five seasons and distribution also in Europe. The seir was broadcast by Rai 2, after a passage on Netflix, it is still available in the catalog of the RaiPlay platform.

1 – Tear along the edges | Best Italian TV series in streaming

Animated series set in the fictional universe of the cartoonist and author Zero limestone, recounts the journey from Rome to Biella of a group of friends, Zero, Sarah and Secco. In a story studded with flashbacks and anecdotes ranging from his childhood to the present day, the protagonist in the long journey asks questions about his life and realizes many truths that had eluded him until then. It’s hard to think of a more successful Italian TV series in recent years, sometimes profound and hilarious, with a huge success with the public. The series is available on Netflix.

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