Xbox Partner Preview | nuovo trailer per Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

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The Dragon with the Little Dragon in the Wind lights up the Xbox Partner Preview in a moment, with the new trailer for Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Well yes, not all that glitters in Metal Gear Solid DeltaXbox Partner Previewgiven that the event even took the trouble to provide us with a new trailer per Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Already during the Games Showcase we saw what was happening to Ichiban, but today we see him managing his resort on Dondoko Island. Good for him. The game also boasts another protagonist: Kazuma Kiryu, straight from the very first Yakuza. The first and last generations of the Japanese underworld are therefore unleashed in this spinoff, where Ichiban is deceived while on Hawaii by a young woman.

The Xbox Partner Preview tells us what to expect from Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Finding himself without clothes on the beach while searching for his mother, Ichiban is arrested by the police; Kazuma has the task of getting him out of trouble. In terms of gameplaywe will be able to move before choosing our command, to then adjust the shot from a distance and, among other things, change the direction of the attack. Kazuma can also attack enemies when he has time to do so. The class system shows some familiar ones from Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and you can unlock new ones with activities on Hawaii. Once you reach Chapter 6, the game will unlock Dondoko Island as a side story. There won’t be any shortage of minigames either when the game comes out on January 26th su PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X e Xbox Series S.

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