The best of IFA 2023, the 6 products that impressed us the most

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Per IFA 2023 the largest technology producers and the most innovative startups have brought to Berlin the better than their tech novelties. From displays to audio, from gaming to the smart home: walking through the halls of the fair, we were able to see many intelligent and interesting solutions. Too many to summarize in a few words. But in any case we wanted to collect in this article what we think was the “better than IFA 2023“: 6 innovative and interesting products, that hit us right away.

The best of IFA 2023: here are 6 products that impressed us

At the Berlin fair you can find a multitude of technologies. It starts from accessories for smartphones and smart home sensors for a few euros, up to prototypes that are too expensive to reach the market. With little-known companies and startups announcing news alongside multinationals worth billions of dollars.

In this article, we do not intend to anticipate the times and tell you which products will be more successful on the market (indeed, there is also a product that does not have a launch date for the moment). Nor do we believe we can be exhaustive. Rather, we tell you about the products that most impressed us between launch events and visits to the stands of the various manufacturers. In short: not so much the absolute best, but the best for us.

LG StanbyMe GO, the TV in a briefcase

The official announcement of LG StanbyMe Go precedes IFA 2023 by a few days, but the Korean company made its briefcase internationally debut in Berlin. Compared to the large TVs and appliances in the large LG room, it risked going unnoticed: but to find it it was enough to observe the crowd of people taking photos and recording videos with their smartphones.

In fact, the small case attracted the interest of many patrons, who appreciated the company’s attention to detail. The built-in speakers, the touchscreen display, the stand that you can move as you like. A product that may not sell millions of units, but which undoubtedly proves that LG still knows how to surprise us.

Lenovo Legion Go, the best of gaming at IFA 2023

Lenovo presented many new products at IFA 2023, but among the “best” of the fair, the leading role can only be played Legion Go. It is a portable console with a Windows operating system, which takes advantage of the processor AMD Ryzen Z1 to allow you to play to the maximum onThe display is 8.8 inches.

It is not the first product of this category announced this year, but it represents a consecration of the world of portable consoles: all the main gaming manufacturers seem to believe it. Apart from this, Lenovo also announced the Legion Glasses, which allow you to play on the big screen even on the go with the new portable console. And then laptops, 3D monitors and more. In short: there have never been so many ways to play.

Honor Magic V2

Fewer smartphones than usual arrived in Berlin this year: many brands preferred to organize dedicated online events. But Honor was the welcome exception, presenting truly innovative devices. As the Magic V2a leaflet that struck us for its thinness and lightness.

Also very interesting‘Honor V Purse, a foldable that becomes a bag to wear as well as a smartphone. We like to discover that the world of smartphones can continue to amaze us.

Urbanista Malibu, the best of audio meets solar energy at IFA 2023

town planner malibu ifa 2023 headphones

Audio played an important role at IFA 2023, with several historic brands announcing interesting innovations (for example, Berlin’s Teufel). But Urbanista won us over with the novelty of solar charging with the new Malibu bluetooth speakerwhich won award after award in Berlin.

Powerfoyle technology had already arrived on headphones (like the Phoenix), but the Bluetooth speaker seems to have conquered thanks to the possibility of enjoy music with friends and family outdoors. With sunlight extending battery life. But the light from lamps and headlights can also recharge Malibu: this will be an interesting technology all year round.

JBL Authentics

JBL Authentics 200

JBL presented several new products at IFA 2023, with an event dedicated to music. The JBL Soundgear Sense have air conduction, to listen to the world around you (we’re testing them and they look very interesting, review soon). But what fascinated us the most is the retro look of the JBL Authentics.

A 70s style, with all the modern conveniences, including Dolby Atmos and the ability to connect multiple speakers via Bluetooth connection. And the audio (especially from the 500 model) is truly impressive.

TCL and its 115-inch TV

115 inch display

TCL presented several really interesting products at IFA 2023, including 98-inch TVs (one of which will soon also arrive in Italy). But he wanted to overdo it with a huge one Mini-LED TV with a 115-inch diagonal. There is currently no European launch planned, but the model has defined details and all the features of the European line. So perhaps the launch of a similar product is not that far off. For those who want to do things really big.

The best of IFA 2023: a world of technology

These six products impressed us more than the others. But we limited ourselves to the “commercial” categories: TVs, speakers, smartphones. We could have filled an equally long article with i robot most innovative at the fair, another solo dedicated to smart home and one only for the green solutions. And even in the selected categories, we have excluded interesting products such as Fairphone 5 e lo smartwatch Withings ScanWatch 2.

If you want to learn more, you can find all our articles on IFA 2023 at this address.

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