The best online courses of 2023 to improve your CV

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What are the best online courses of 2023 to improve your CV? Taking an online course is already very advantageous, but which one to choose to have a better chance of finding a job?

In fact, looking at the dynamics of the market today, it is necessary to focus a lot on digital professions. Below we propose the 5 best training e-learning courses that could increase a lot their chances of finding work.

The best online courses of 2023 to improve your CV

As mentioned, the world of work has been increasingly digitizing for some time now. That is, the most in-demand professions are the ones they deal with virtual services, less and less physicalespecially suitable for fast and widely used tools such as smartphones.

Blockchain online course

With the explosion of cryptocurrencies in recent years, the world has also discovered the great potential of Blockchain. An adaptable “block” chain system for the most diverse fieldssince much more light, fast and cheap for companies and institutions. Not surprisingly, courses on the blockchain are selling like hot cakes and are increasingly popular, precisely because of the growing demand on the developer market who understand and know how to create software for

  • legal applications such as contracts;
  • digital payment systems;
  • health applications;
  • logistics and warehouse management;

Corso online in Web Developer

Always remaining in the field of developers, online training courses for the web are still strong developer online. Namely, how many they create websites or in any case they plan the basis and the “design”. Although social networks proliferate, having an online site remains a staple for a company or a professional, as it is a serious and reliable showcase to exhibit on the web.

Furthermore also the institutions of all levels need web developers to offer citizens a portal where they can find press releases, download documents, etc.

Corso online in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, i.e produce texts that invite you to purchase this or that product or service, or to follow a VIP or a brand on their social channels, has become a profession much in demand. Which requires, in addition of course a impeccable grammar knowledgeeven one strong persuasive ability.

Therefore it is necessary find the right words to entice the reader, with the so-called final call-to-action (i.e. the invitation to click on the banner included in the article) which leads to a concrete result.

The course thus allows to obtain very useful notions for the Business online in:

  • social media marketing (i.e. advertising on social networks);
  • SEO writing, which allows you to position the article well on search engines;
  • e-mail marketing, i.e. short but very persuasive texts to be included in e-mails for advertising purposes;
  • data analysis;

Corsi Graphic Design e videomaking

the figure of graphic he is still a figure today much in demand, although obviously, it has changed a lot compared to the past. Since he has to use new tools to work with and he has to produce even more immediate and persuasive images that in the past. In fact, in the era of social networks, everything is consumed quickly and quickly and the task of graphic design has become to create something that remain imprinted in the mind, makes a brand immediately recognizable in the flood of images that pass before us every day. A profession therefore very delicate and still in great demand, not only in the virtual world but also to create traditional ones effective brochures and flyers.

However, he must also have notions of videomakingsince videos, especially short ones (even lasting 1 or 2 minutes, to be published on TikTok and Youtube) are increasingly fFundamental to sponsor a product or service or pass a message of any purpose. So, they need to get right to the heart of the matter and grab the user’s attention and keep them hooked as much as possible.

Administrative and accounting online course

We close with a more traditional course, a sort of evergreen: after all, everyone needs staff to take care of reporting and registration of commercial transactions. An online course administrative and accounting offers skills ranging from business economics to analytical accounting, passing through financial statements. After all, there are many i CAF in our cities and require expertise in tax and social security matters.

Actually, even who is it diploma or graduate in accounting or economic studies you may find it useful, given that tax regulations change all the time.

What online courses to take in 2023

So, during this complete guide on the best online courses to take in 2023, we have tried to identify those that in our humble opinion best reflect the current job market. With an eye to those professions they also have a better future perspective.

So, it’s not just about improving your CV immediately, but also about obtain notions and an expendable title for the next few years. All this, with the convenience of following the course remotely, with all the advantages that this entails.

In summary, the online courses that can really improve our CV are those in Web developer, Blockchain, Web marketing, Administrative and accounting, Graphic Design and videomaking.