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The best online games to play after school

With the end of the school year, all the best gaming and entertainment sites are being tested to cure boredom

The student body has scoured the far corners of the internet to try and find free games worth playing. Here’s a list to hopefully ease the end-of-school pain.

1. The Dinosaur Game

The Dinosaur Game is the best 404 page not found game to ever grace the face of Google. It’s all about the little dinosaur and how far you can make him run. Legend has it that the highest score in the game is 999,999. So, disappointing as it is, the whole thing just resets and restarts like I never started.

2. NYT’s Wordle

Everyone’s favorite classic Wordle. Initially released in October of 2021, the game has taken the internet by storm. Of course, as to be expected, the game was built out of boredom following the previous year’s quarantine. By designing the game to only be played once a day, Josh Wardle made the pun addictive, but also limited the gameplay so that players had to come back every day if they wanted to continue playing. It’s a perfect game that never seems to get bored.

3. 2048

2048 is the original challenging and addictive masterpiece that requires a fair amount of skill to win. With a game like this, it can be days after you start playing or months before you actually win. Countless other variations have been made to mimic the game, including Cupcake 2048, Cat 2048, and many more. If you’re more interested due to the skill required or are more invested in the coding or mechanics, here is a list of every 2048 release. If you’re in love with the variety of visuals that can be used in the game, or more random mods, here’s one for you.

4. Symmetry Artist

A website about unlimited ways to create art, with a little math seasoning? Sold. The variety of things you can do in this one is absolutely mind boggling. Based on my calculations, there are over 1,735,603,200 possibilities. The craziest part? Where you place these lines and shapes is where you chose, so really the choices are endless. You’d be surprised how cool this is. Also don’t forget; you can nudge any recent additions with the arrow keys! (PS, those dark mode lovers, there is a switch under the website logo)

5. The Oregon Trail

Nostalgic to many, The Oregon Trail has been recreated for desktop users in its original style and coloring… or lack thereof. Playing this game can bring back those memories of sitting hunched over in front of a big computer, trying to make sure your kids survive the winter and your wife can recover from snake bite. Catching that livestock, shooting deer and squirrels, trading with Native Americans, and floating your wagon across the river brings back a strong sense of nostalgia. Just make sure the river is no deeper than 3 feet. May you make it to Oregon, settler friend.