The best portable safes (and more) to take on vacation

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Summer means sea, and sea means beach, with everything that goes with it. How many times have we asked ourselves how to protect our most precious possessions, such as smartphones or wallets, while we go to take the much-needed summer bath? We at Tech Princess have asked ourselves this several times and, to avoid resorting to the “cover everything with a towel” technique we have compiled a list of the best portable safes to take with you on vacation.

The best portable safes to take on vacation

This type of safe is not to be confused with the mini safe, since in this case we are faced with smaller and easily transportable objects to protect money, credit cards, mobile phones and other objects of this kind. In addition to the real safes in this list there will also be some devices without armored locking but designed to arouse as little suspicion as possible, because there is no better way to hide something than to leave it in plain sight.

Portable safe with combination and cable

This Master Lock safe is the most classic and efficient model you can find. The device counts external dimensions of 6x24x12 centimeters while the space available to insert our objects is 3.5 × 21.5 × 8.9 centimeters. The weight, on the other hand, is about 600 grams.

Especially useful is the cable, which allows you to attach the safe to a solid object or to our wrist, should we need it. As if that were not enough, the case also has an access hole, from which it is possible to pass earphones to listen to music from a device previously placed inside the safe.

The Gusciobox of Meliconi

Produced by Meliconi, the Gusciobox it is an extremely reliable and resistant product, also thanks to the plastic with which it is made, specifically designed to withstand shocks. Heat, impacts and other environmental variables should not affect this container in the slightest, which will keep your precious objects safe like few others.

Too bad only for the key lock, as a numerical combination would have been much more convenient in our opinion.

Portable travel lock

Here is our third portable safe, from minimal and elegant design for all those who appreciate the simplest forms. This safe has dimensions of 19x18x10 centimeters and weighs just under half a kilo, which makes it particularly suitable to be carried anywhere. The cable also allows you to attach it to an object to obtain the highest level of safety.

Finally, as regards the closure, this occurs through a combination and can be reset without the aid of a key.

Cassaforte Pacsafe

If you prefer an even more practical alternative to the safes seen so far, then the portable safe Pacsafe is the object for you. It is apparently a simple bag, but it has a combination closure, a cable with which to attach it to various objects and is made with ultra-resistant fabric to cuts and tears.

Although it is not as strong as a real safe it is undoubtedly one of the most practical solutions you can find on the market, also thanks to the small size and the possibility of folding it when not in use.

Stash Pringles – the security tube

As we said at the beginning, one of the best ways to hide our belongings is to put them in plain sight. Nothing more suitable than this tube-shaped cash box of Pringles potato chips, which allows us to protect money and other small valuables.

The touch of class of this object is that, by opening the cap, you can really insert some chips inside, in order to further carry your deception towards any malicious people. Not to mention that it can also function as a practical snack holder, to open between a swim in the sea and a game of beach volleyball, for example. Simple and ingenious.

The fake security book

The same principle can be applied to this other object, a fake tour guide that incorporates a real safety deposit box inside which closes our list of the best portable safes. Even this object is particularly credible at first glance, since it presents real pages very similar to those of an authentic guide.

The box inside is equipped with a cylinder-tested safety lock with two keys, while the dimensions are as follows: length: 23 cm, width: 15 cm, depth: 4 cm. The weight is 0.0 kg.

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