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The best smart home devices unveiled at CES 2022

It goes without saying that, year after year, home automation becomes more and more a widespread trend. And indeed, it is hardly surprising that smart home technology has literally monopolized – or almost – CES 2022. The theme of the year, in fact, seems to be precisely that ofhome interoperability. The industry’s goal is clearly to build a smart home, which is a major evolution of the connected home – which is just the state we are in now. But instead of dwelling on this, let’s go immediately to see what the best smart home devices presented at CES 2022. In this way, we can see how we will change our home in the near future.

Smart home: the best devices presented at CES 2022

The Eufy Video Doorbell Dual

Let’s start this review from a territory we know well. On the other hand, smart doorbells are by no means a novelty in the sector. But Eufy Security Video Doorbell Duo it subverts the traditional smart doorbell shape we’re used to, which makes it very interesting. The device is in fact equipped with a dual camera: a main one – with a 2k sensor, which can see up to 160 degrees -, facing outwards to allow you to see who has rang your door, and a secondary one – at 1080 p, with a field of view of 120 degrees -, face down to track parcel delivery. A functional and versatile device, which can also work con Google Assistant e Amazon Alexa. What to say? To be marked absolutely in the smart home devices to be purchased starting from February 2022, when it will be officially available.

The Spexor safety assistant from Bosch

Spexor Bosch

The theme of the home security it seems to have been quite debated at CES 2022. In this context, we cannot help but mention one of the devices that caught our attention. We are talking about Bosch spexor, a security assistant who is capable not only of monitor break-ins, but also of measure the temperature e test the air quality. A practical portable device, equipped with pressure, noise and movement sensors, which allow it to detect any intruders in the house and to warn you if there are changes in air quality. Battery powered, Spexor can work with either an eSIM card or over Wi-Fi. Precisely for this reason, it is convenient not only to monitor your home, but also to be taken on vacation and check that your hotel room or your motorhome is not subject to break-ins. One negative: at the moment it is only available in Germany.

Sengled’s smart light bulb that monitors sleep

Sengled smart home bulb

Still a great classic for smart home technology, a smart light bulb. Except that the Smart Health Monitoring, presented at CES 2022, is intelligent not only in name but also in fact. It is, in fact, a double Wi-Fi / Bluetooth bulb with integrated health monitoring. Specifically, it is designed to monitor sleep and some very specific biometric parameters, such as heart rate and body temperature. And that’s not all. The Sengled smart bulb can work autonomously, or be connected to a circuit of other bulbs that can thus help to detect the behavior of people in the house. In the case of a person living alone, for example, this little smart home circuit can help tell if they have fallen, or accidentally injured themselves in some household practice. An incredible idea, which seems to materialize on the market in the last quarter of 2022.

La bilancia Body Scan di Withings

smart home CES 2022

If we imagine a scale in 2022, it is clear that it cannot be limited to measuring weight. And here is where Withings amazed us at CES 2022 with his Body Scan, an intelligent scale capable of record an electrocardiogram, monitor your nervous activity and even estimate your body composition. And yes, measure your weight, with an accuracy of 50 grams. But let’s focus on one of the most interesting functions of this smart home device, namely that of the ECG. It will be enough for you grab a retractable handle present on the scale to be able to record a six-lead ECG which is promptly sent to the Withings App on your smartphone. This way, you can conveniently consult the results, or even share them with your GP. In short, there is nothing more to add, except that this is really the device to have at home at any cost.

The Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum ads are a great classic at CES 2022. And above all, the model X1 Omni from Ecovacs it really caught our attention. This little avant-garde robot, in fact, can both vacuum and clean floors. And as it does, it creates intricate 3D maps of the house so it can more easily navigate specific areas when commanded. This means that the Ecovas device will not just clean the kitchen, but will be able to clean perfectly under the table, if you ask it. The X1 Omni, in fact, boasts the support for voice commands. Specifically, Ecovacs provides users with their own voice assistant, Yiko, which means you can conveniently use it without having to connect it to third-party systems. In short, just talk to the vacuum cleaner, and it will do everything you ask. At this point, does it deserve the title of one of the best smart home devices of CES 2022 or not?

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