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The best sports video games ever

Whether in the stands of a stadium or destroying a joypad in frustration with a defeat, sport always offers intense moments. Here’s our list of the best sports video games ever.

Our list of the best sports video games for consoles and PC

Videogames and sports have always been a winning combination. Whether it’s ultra-realistic simulations or iconic titles, sports video games are an important part of the history of the gaming industry. This is why we have decided to compile for you a list of the best sports games ever.


It will certainly not be the most realistic of videogames, but when a game manages to entertain and excite then its job is done. Wii Sports succeeds fully in all of this, guaranteeing the possibility to challenge friends of up to 4 players. Tennis, baseball, boxing, golf and bowling – fun is guaranteed for the whole family.

GREAT TOURISM 3 (PlayStation 2, 2001)

With over 15 million copies sold worldwide, all PlayStation 2 owners have tried this game at least once. The vast selection of cars available – more than 150 – and the numerous brands present make it a must have for racing lovers. To complete the game it will be necessary to unlock the various licenses, winning races in the lower categories. Doing so will also obtain enhancements that, although they may be unrealistic, guarantee an unprecedented level of immersion.

NBA 2K11 (PlayStation 2|3 / XBOX 360 / NINTENDO WII /  PC, 2010)

The nostalgia operation was very successful for this title. In fact, NBA basketball lovers worship only one divinity: Michael Jordan. NBA 2K11 introduces the Jordan Challenge mode, which allows you to relive the 10 most important games of MJ’s career. But that’s not all: the presence of classic teams and the fluid game mechanics make it one of the most popular basketball sports video games by users. Among the most recent sequels we also point out NBA 2K17.

WWF NO MERCY (Nintendo 64, 2000)

With a decidedly incredible roster for the times, WWF No Mercy is arguably the most beloved wrestling video game ever. The career mode and the fight mechanics are still extremely enjoyable today. In addition, the video game represents one of the golden moments of global wrestling, with legendary names such as Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. A few years later another much loved title would be released which is WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain. Also not bad is the latest video game in the WWE 2K22 series, which after the flop of 2K21 presents an extremely realistic edition of the most loved sport-show in the world.

MVP BASEBALL 2005 (PlayStation 2 / Xbox / PC, 2005)

Baseball may not be the most popular sport in Italy, but I assure you it is really interesting. Numerous sports video games have been dedicated to the discipline, but MVP BASEBALL 2005 doesn’t beat it. Innovative throughout, and still played by many fans today, the title features decidedly cutting-edge game mechanics and controls for 2005. These would pave the way for numerous sequels in the following years. If you want to try an ultra-realistic baseball experience, we recommend MLB The Show 21, a practically perfect game.

TONY HAWK’S PRO SKATER 2 (PlayStation / PC / GameBoy Color / Nintendo 64 / MacOs, 2000)

Judged by Metacritic as the second best video game of all time, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 has thrilled an entire generation of skateboarding. The incredible soundtrack (with songs from Papa Roach, Rage Against The Machine and Anthrax) and the countless stunts provided by the game, have made it an iconic title, especially for PlayStation.

ATHENS 2004 (PlayStation 2, PC, 2004)

Serial controller destroyer, especially the X button on the PlayStation 2. Athens 2004 was the official videogame of the Athens 2004 Olympics, with a great variety of disciplines and 64 countries to represent. Each sport was made up of a different minigame, and few will forget how hard weight lifting was.

UFC 4 (PlayStation 4 / Xbox One, 2020)

Entering the cage has never been so realistic. A game that we do not recommend for non-fans of the discipline, as the submission and grappling mechanics are so faithful to real fights as to be incomprehensible to non-lovers of mixed martial arts. Everything is in its place: if sports simulation has a name, that’s UFC 4.

MADDEN 2005 (PlayStation 2 / Nintendo DS /  PC / Game Boy Advance / Nintendo Cube, 2004)

The latest installment of the MADDEN series to be released for PlayStation 2 is certainly the most popular American Football video game among fans. As with MVP Baseball 2005, this game literally paved the way, through tackles, for modern simulations of the latest NFL Madden titles.

NHL 2002 (PlayStation 2 | XBOX | PC, 2001)

We conclude the list of sports video games of the American disciplines with the most acclaimed title of ice hockey. This 2001 is certainly the most loved, but the entire NHL video game series is actually all very enjoyable, as confirmed by the excellent NHL 07.

TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR 2005 (PlayStation 2 / Xbox / PC / Nintendo DS / Gamecube, 2004)

Appreciated above all for its version for Nintendo DS and PlayStation 2. A title that, who is not passionate about golf, has nevertheless appreciated. The cover is also iconic, featuring a very determined Tiger Woods that seems to challenge the player. For a 2004 game, it’s pretty much unbelievable.

FIFA 98 (PlayStation / PC / Nintendo 64, 1997)

No, we hadn’t forgotten the most popular sport in Italy (or perhaps the world). The very successful FIFA series has had its ups and downs, often also due to the ruthless competition of PES and, the slightly less credible one, of Rocket League. But hands down the most iconic title of the series is FIFA 98. A scary soundtrack, which opens with the legendary Song 2 by Blur, for those who were the golden years of Britpop and the world cup in France. With the comments of Giacomo Bulgarelli and Massimo Caputi, whose phrases are still imprinted in the minds of the players today, FIFA 98 is the first video game of the saga to include an online mode. It is also only the second FIFA video game to be in 3D, which makes it even more incredible. For those who want something more modern – you don’t know what you’re missing – we recommend FIFA 10.

FIFA STREET 2 (PlayStation 2 / Xbox / Nintendo DS / Nintendo GameCube, 2006)

No rules, no faults, no offsides: just show. FIFA Street 2 comes in the years when the famous Joga Bonito commercials had brought back the attention and passion towards street football. The game will allow you to travel the world through suburban pitches of different countries, with increasingly talented professional footballers. A title that manages to make people forget the tactical side of football, to bring the sport back to its true spectacular essence.

FOOTBALL MANAGER 2022 (Xbox One / PC, 2021)

There are many well-done football manager games, but Football Manager 2022 – which was released only a few weeks ago – is certainly the most incredible. The game was created with professionals to simulate down to the smallest detail the tasks, dynamics and real situations of those who have to train a team of professionals for work. The new transfer and training mechanics make this title the definitive football manager.

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