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The best video games of 2022 | the top 10 of

On top of the gaming world and even beyond:’s red carpet celebrates the best video games of 2022 in a prestigious top 10

You know well how much we like to go against the tide: in our own small way, even without the air of solemn and indisputable officialdom that permeates the Game Awardswe of everything we have our own top 10 in which appear those who, in our opinion, are the best video games of 2022. Of course, the latest effects of the pandemic are making themselves felt. Yet, despite this, the gaming industry has certainly not gone slowly. Our ranking includes some of the most memorable episodes of each series to which it belongs, as well as exceptional debutants. And now that Valletta has brought us the envelope, let’s see who opens the ranking…

10) Moss II – Best video games 2022: top 10

As the forerunner of our top 10 list, we couldn’t help but recognize a place at VR game of the year: the tenth (“last but not least”) of the best video games of 2022 is Moss II. The killer app for VR takes up the “Zeldian” inspiration in terms of gameplay, while not disdaining a markedly European artistic direction. The fairytale world without a fourth wall makes its return, and with it the enterprising mouse Quill. What results reminds us, quite simply, of today’s equivalent of being enraptured by a good book: fantasy in power, which takes us by the hand and seduces us, with a medium increasingly capable of painting an entire world around us. to us.

9) Soulstice – Best video games 2022: top 10

There is no greater satisfaction than rewarding an Italian studio. And it is an honor for us to award ninth position to Soulstice, fruit of the inspiration of our compatriots of Reply Game Studios. Despite what the title suggests, we are not dealing with a soulslike. Rather, we are talking about an action-adventure in a dark fantasy world, which translates into the Claymore manga as inspiration and spectacle fighters such as Devil May Cry in terms of gameplay. There’s no denying: the made in Italy video game may have started later than expected, but it cannot be denied that it has gone from zero to a hundred in a flash….

8) Horizon: Forbidden West – Best video games 2022: top 10

Aloy’s return is certainly not to be taken lightly: the crown of Breath of the Wild, after all, is one that only the best of the best can aspire to. And with the noble intention of providing Sony gamers with an equivalent to the latest The Legend of Zelda, it is Horizon: Forbidden West to take eighth place. Compared to its predecessor Zero Dawn, the game in this position has leveraged all the major strengths, while giving us a female protagonist like we haven’t seen in a long, long time. It remains to be seen who else will contend for the game of the year crown next December, with Tears of the Kingdom around…

7) Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – Best video games 2022: top 10

We have placed a little more emphasis on the Big N to better introduce one of the three positions that its exclusives have been able to conquer in this ranking. Hardly one of the main award nominees on Geoff Keighley’s show could be left out, e.g Xenoblade Chronicles 3 enters the standings in seventh place. Lovers of the series were rewarded by the third episode in two different ways. One is the gameplay, built on the already solid foundations of the two illustrious predecessors. As for the plot, without making too many spoilers, the franchise does not follow the multiverse dictates of the various Final Fantasy: the worlds of Shulk and Rex are connected, and doubly linked to the narrative.

6) Tunic – Best video games 2022: top 10

We cannot deny that The Legend of Zelda has demonstrated no small influence on several positions in our top 10, but never as directly as in Tunic. The title draws heavily on the game design school of the Eiji Aonuma saga, but does so with a distinctly indie artistic vein. Unsurprisingly, the former Xbox-exclusive Pomeranian (try to pronounce it if you can) carries the torch forward in style, not forgetting to rekindle its flame in all-new ways. Not to mention, then, a narrative sector that winks at all those of us who have embarked on importing from the Far East…

5) Stray – Best video games 2022: top 10

“Don’t say cat until you have it in the bag”, they said. Well, Sony (and Microsoft, but only on the PC front) can say “cat” all they want. Stray, branded (around the neck) Annapurna Interactive, puts us in the furry shoes of a stray cat in a cyberpunk dystopian world. For our part, only the fact of taking the reins of a feline would have convinced us, but the setting makes the challenges to be overcome much more significant. Opting for a kitten’s slit-eyed view of the world puts narrative twists in a new light. A punch in the stomach that makes you think even after the end credits….

4) Kirby and the Lost Land – Best video games 2022: top 10

This choral top 10 includes the opinions of all the editors, but if you want to hear a single voice these days we’re dishing out 25 micro-reviews in an Advent Calendar. It so happens that one of them is dedicated precisely to Kirby and the Lost Land. Summarizing the gameplay ideas included in the game in three lines is impossible, but if you ever had doubts about how Kirby’s game formula could work in three dimensions… forget them. HAL’s little pink ball is doing great, reinventing itself in ways that bring out the best in the franchise’s thirty years. And speaking of the new ideas of the game, the dodging with bullet time, let’s move on to…

3) Bayonetta 3 – Best video games 2022: top 10

We all know of the controversy that prompted the Kyoto giant to replace Hellena Taylor with Jennifer Hale’s chameleonic contralto, but Bayonetta 3 is yet another confirmation of Hideki Kamiya’s talent. The enemy army, this time, does not find its roots in the paranormal, but in the work of real monsters: us. Fresh (so to speak) from their experience with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, the guys from PlatinumGames have packaged another highly prestigious exclusive around bio-mechanical weapons, with which the Witch of Umbra claims the bronze medal in the ranking of all youK.

2) God of War: Ragnarok – Best video games 2022: top 10

The rhetoric of our boatswain Francesco Messina summed up the second place with a sentence: “The humanity of a god”. Kratos reminds us in God of War: Ragnarok that fatherhood hasn’t appeased his anger one bit, and above all that he wasn’t the only one who grew a beard. Even the chin of the gameplay has become hairy, refining what we already appreciated in the undisputed masterpiece of 2018. This journey through the nine realms will take you by the hand making you rediscover a new side of the anti-hero, while reminding us that if he was at the center of the cover of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale there must be a reason…

1) Elden Ring – Best video games 2022: top 10

With such a top 10, it is natural to ask who deserves the gold medal among the best video games of 2022. Without further ado, but also without too many mysteries, you will have understood that we agree with Geoff Keighley’s jury. There’s really nothing to add: Elder Ring he places himself at the top of the podium without much ceremony. Already from the premises, we are talking about a real daydream for lovers of dark fantasy: the team behind the various Dark Souls grappling with an imaginary born from the pen of George RR Martin. Then adding a much more open level design than Anor Londo and company, what we get is a masterpiece. One to love death after death, after death, after death, after death.

Our conclusions

That’s it for our top 10, but what we think are the best games of 2022 won’t be for some of you. That’s fine: we compiled it with our comparisons and the various debates of the case, which is why everyone has their own favorites. As we have already mentioned, the undersigned has in turn drawn up a different ranking, subject to other criteria, speaking of the best from 2017 to today and adhering to a single platform. And it is for this reason, renewing our wishes for Happy Holidays, that we send you back with full knowledge of the facts to our usual farewell formula.

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: how would you have drawn up the ranking? Let us know below, and as always, don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.