Overwatch World Cup: Competitive Leagues return in 2023

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The global competition never stops: the Overwatch World Cup is here to stay, and Blizzard has announced the 2023 edition of the tournament

The hero shooter who conquered the world intends to keep the eSports scene in suspense next year as well, given the plans for theOverwatch World Cup 2023 just announced by Blizzard. 36 different nations will participate. The championships actually came to a halt after the United States knocked out China 3-0 in the 2019 edition. You’re unlikely to need a reminder if you connected the dots yourself, but if not, it was the pandemic prevent the development team from staging this Olympic event again. Now that the game is officially about to celebrate its second blue ribbon, with restrictions eased it’s the perfect time to reopen the tournament’s doors.

Overwatch World Cup is there and back in 2023

After a first championship held in 2016 to coincide with the launch of the original game, the Overwatch World Cup is therefore returning in 2023. The formation of the national teams took place by vote by the players, with an automatic qualification by six team and another 50 to divide up the remaining positions in the respective group. The 2019 edition changed that approach by opting for three groups, opening up the preliminary stages to any participating nation. The plans for the next edition, however, are a bit more complicatedstarting from the skimming at the beginning of the year.

And we don’t say “beginning of the year” just to say. TO January 36 countries will be selected, and the organization will take care to approve the necessary committees for the regional teams. In the same month we will also have the formation of regional committees, the selection of teams and a tournament open to all players in the Overwatch 2 pool. qualifications real, planned for June, will conclude stage 2. The 36 teams will compete in six different qualifying events, and only 16 will win. Regardless of the stiff competition, Blizzard has made it clear that everyone will be able to take part in the event, some more, some less. We will know more in the months to come.

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