The best VPNs for gaming on Windows in 2021

Let’s look together at the best Windows gaming VPNs on the market today based on the following factors: Performance, functionality and cost

For many gamers the association gaming e VPN it’s kind of an oxymoron, especially when it comes to graphics or memory demanding games.

The truth is that a VPN or a Virtual Private Network can have multiple advantages for both hardcore gamers but also for more casual players.

We start from the premise that even the best VPNs on the market today can unfortunately negatively affect the performance of certain games. Increased lag and interference with connectivity are the most common symptoms but the positive sides are still many.

The best VPNs for gaming on Windows in 2021

First, the primary purpose of a VPN is to protect your data. Many VPNs (including the ones we will evaluate now) can allow you to enter various global servers at will, hide and change IP data, and protect against various types of hacking, doxxing, swatting, DDOS attacks and any other nefarious cyber-crime.

While there are VPNs for every operating system, this article will focus on VPNs for Windows 10, but also 7 and 8. Having said all that, let’s go headlong into reviewing the best VPNs for gaming on Windows.

1) ExpressVPN per gaming – best global VPN

This VPN takes the top spot on our list due to its extremely well rounded features. For one thing, it is perhaps the best gaming VPN for global use. With over 3000 servers in 94 countries including 2 high-speed servers in Italy, ExpressVPN is often referred to as the most reliable VPN in our country in particular.

This VPN is therefore perfect for both more sedentary gamers and frequent travelers looking for a secure and fast connection to any corner of the world.

When it comes to gaming purely, ExpressVPN is unrivaled (especially in Western Europe) thanks to its excellent speeds, ultra-low ping and powerful privacy features. As mentioned in the intro, a downside to a VPN can be a heavy impact on latency. But in the case of a VPN with so many servers around the world like ExpressVPN, a link to a strategically placed host can even improve in-game speed over a standard browser.

One subscription guarantees the simultaneous connection of 5 devices which is less than other VPNs, but here the very high speed and stability of the connection comes into play. If we combine these features with privacy protection through the trusted TrustServer technology, a very easy installation (just create a VPN with Windows 10), an extremely intuitive use and a customer service always available we can understand why ExpressVPN is often indicated as the best VPN for gaming on Windows in 2021. This deserved recognition makes it one of the most expensive, however, the only negative we can find.

2) NordVPN for gaming – VPN with faster uploads and downloads

Undoubtedly a heavyweight when it comes to gaming VPN, above all on Windows 10 but also earlier versions. This VPN is often indicated for its very high performance and above all the very high and consistent upload, download and torrent speed. If we talk purely about its capabilities as a gaming VPN, the ping score is impressive.

Spread across more than 5700 servers in 59 countries, NordVPN enjoys tremendous popularity and a brand synonymous with reliability that uses constantly developing technologies (for example the integration of the latest WireGuard VPN protocol or NordLynx) to ensure a fast and reliable connection. anonymous.

NordVPN is the base for many gamers and its features are almost too many to list, but we do it anyway: Unblocking games not yet released (for example from Japan) or even censored, unlocking skins and other in-game unlockables, finding game prices lower from country to country and protection against DDOS attacks also using kill switches and split tunneling are just some of the great features that NordVPN offers (assuming that many premium VPNs offer these services but with varying degrees of effectiveness).

The only two flaws that we can denote are a fairly high price (however presenting the best annual ExpressVPN offers) and a still lower performance as regards European servers.

3) IPVanish – Migliore VPN cost-friendly

Finally we have a great VPN whose best features are: Improved privacy (IPVanish uses 256-bit AES encryption along with the standard OpenVPN protocol), an extremely intuitive interface and compatibility extended to virtually every operating system and streaming platform with the exception by HBO GO and Hulu.

When it comes to gaming, some lists consider IPVanish first in its class as it barely impedes bandwidth across numerous global servers, making it perfect for a VPN connection on Windows 10. IPVanish gives you comprehensive online freedom by giving you total control of your IP address and giving you secure access to prohibited or otherwise restricted sites, games and apps. All while your data is continuously encrypted and kept safe.

The most glaring quality though is the much more competitive pricing than the VPNs reviewed earlier. This sudden drop in cost obviously leads to performance drops in connection stability and speed, but with 1600 servers in more than 70 countries that include 21 high-speed servers in Italy and 250gb of SugarSync encrypted storage for each subscription, the payoff is very good.

These features plus its user-friendly interface and customer service available via email and chat 24 hours a day make IPVanish a worthy budget choice.

In conclusion?

In conclusion, we reiterate that the best VPN for gaming on Windows in 2021 remains ExpressVPN. Also, each of the listed VPNs is compatible with the Cisco VPN client always on Windows 10.