The best WordPress hosting in Italy

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When we talk about hosting we refer to one of the technologies that are the basis of contemporary computing, let’s discover the best!

WordPress certainly needs no introduction. It is, in fact, the most widespread program for the creation and management of websites worldwide, including Italy. In order to function optimally, the choice of a good web hosting service is essential. In this article we tell you something more.

What is WordPress hosting

When it comes to hosting reference is made to one of the technologies that are the basis of contemporary information technology, to be exact, the space that allows a program like WordPress to work. WordPress is a CMS, acronym for Content Management Systemthat is a system that guarantees the management of digital contents without the need to have programming knowledge.

It is precisely this factor, the simple accessibility and within everyone’s reach, that makes it so appreciated. In order to function, WordPress needs not just any space but a structured one with ad hoc features. This is why the choice of the web hosting service is so crucial.

Why is it important to choose a good WordPress hosting?

I best wordpress hosting guarantee the CMS maximum functionality from the point of view of performance, in terms of speed and safety. Current needs are mainly:

  • Make sure the memory necessary for content management, without ever being in situations of narrowness.
  • Maximum speed. It influences the User Experience and the use of the site.
  • Maximum safety. Cyber ​​attacks today are more and more widespread. Protecting yourself is essential.

These are the three basic elements that a WordPress hosting is to guarantee. Being essential, you can understand why the choice of web hosting is not only important but even decisive.

Comparison of the best WordPress hosting in Italy

Now let’s see which are the best WordPress hosting available on the Italian market, illustrating the pros and cons of each.


One of the most used hosting, not only for WordPress. The reasons for this success can be traced back to high speedat advanced features and above all to the easy to use, thanks to the presence of reliable guides and tutorials, as well as the efficient assistance service. A hosting that is simply a guarantee.


A WordPress hosting that presents an advanced level and that allows you to use the CMS in a highly professional manner. Again the support team is efficient and prepared. The prezzo? Absolutely affordable!


Un hosting per WordPress whose headquarters are in Italy. In the face of more than satisfactory performances, as far as costs are concerned, if on the one hand Keliweb has higher amounts per se than the two previous hosting, on the other it compensates with a domain that remains free forever. Furthermore, is a hosting made to measure for an Italian website. An option not to be underestimated.


On Serverplan the opinions are all in agreement: it represents a WordPress hosting commonly rated between excellent and very good. Attractive prices and a lot of quality. Nothing else to say, except … “chapeau”!


Another product of Italian IT, capable of giving security to those who find themselves using WordPress. All with tariff plans of different types, able to respond to the multiple needs and the type of site to be built. A WordPress web hosting of undoubted value and Made in Italy.


A hosting not up to the fame and standards of the well-known IT company, famous for offering various web services. The reasons for a WordPress hosting below optimal standards are to be found mainly in the quality offered by the assistance service, which has rather long waiting times and a problem solving ability that struggles to function. Nothing to report on basic efficiency.