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The Big Bang Theory: the second spin-off is coming

After a period of silence, the beloved TV series The Big Bang Theory is back in the spotlight, thanks to a new spin-off

Many people remember with pleasure the adventures of the nice group of nerds told in The Big Bang Theory. The series, that was completed in 2019, had left fans with a sense of emptiness, which probably no other sitcom had been able to fill. Yesterday, however, in an evening full of announcements regarding the new releases of HBO MaxWarner Bros. Discovery has launched a real bombshell, which fans of the original series will certainly not be able to miss: a brand new spin-off, deriving from The Big Bang Theory, is in the works.

The Big Bang Theory: the second spin-off is coming

What do we know? | The Big Bang Theory: the second spin-off is coming

Surely you are wondering what will be shown in the new series and who will be the new characters. Unfortunately this still remains a great ministry, which we hope to fill as soon as possible. What is known is that most likely, this new production will also have the same comic character of the parent series and will see again Chuck Lorre as co-creator. The director and screenwriter has in fact already been the creator of The Big Bang Theory (in collaboration with Bill Prady) and its first spin-off: Young Sheldon. The new series will also involve the Warner Bros. Television.

As already announced, however, we have no idea what the plot might be, which is currently under development, nor if it could be a prequel, a sequel or something different. Although it is clear what the fans’ desire may be, it is unlikely that it will be a series that involves the cast of the mother series again. Their own creators, Chuck Lorre e Bill Prady they ruled out this possibility. The reason would be due above all to the season finale. It would seem difficult for the two to continue a plot that has already found a worthy and satisfying conclusion in the last season.

The success of the sitcom

Certainly the arrival of this new series will be talked about a lot; thanks to the original series, The Big Bang Theorywhich aired from 2007 to 2019. With a total of twelve seasonsepisode after episode, has managed to enter the hearts of fans, also thanks to the presence of unforgettable characters, each with their own inimitable personality. One of the secrets of the series is just this: Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard, Raj and all the others have enriched the show, each in a unique and therefore irreplaceable way.

Not to mention the idea of bring to the small screen characters often relegated to secondary roles, giving the public the opportunity to approach the world of so-called nerds, starting to appreciate and respect them. These ingredients have made The Big Bang Theory one of the most acclaimed series ever, leading it to win numerous awards, including 10 Emmy Award. We of everything we hope that the new production can do just as well.

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