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The biggest update in Wild Hearts history is finally online

Announced last week and described as Wild Hearts’ biggest post-launch update yet, the update is finally available for consoles and PC. This was revealed by the publisher EA and the developer KOEI TECMO, who revealed all the details in an official blog post.

To celebrate the arrival of the update, players will be able to try for free Wild Hearts until until April 13th. The game is also available for 20% off on both PlayStation and Xbox when the free trial ends.

All the news of the new Wild Hearts update

The update introduces several new content and improvements, including a new Kemono, the Murakumo, an extremely ferocious fox. To get it you will have to face the new mission Murakumoto huntwhich will lead you to face very difficult enemies.

In addition, the update brings a new one into play Fusion Karakuri, the Spinning Top, which fuses two Kemono to create a very powerful combat robot. The Spinning Top can be obtained by bringing two different Kemono to level 10. Finally, it is possible to activate a new one Limit Break, a feature that raises the maximum level of the player’s equipment. Limit Break can be used after finishing the main story and requires special materials.

In his review of Wild Hearts for our Daniele wrote:

If it is unable to unseat Monster Hunter in the hunter-like podium, Wild Hearts has all the credentials to sit next to it. An addictive and fun gameplay make it a good game and the new additions are an interesting stimulus. We also really liked the story which, although it never had a central role in this genre, but it served us to identify ourselves in the role of hunter“.

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