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The Blair Witch Project: new upcoming chapter of the saga

Eight years after the last film; the groundbreaking horror The Blair Witch may soon return to theaters with a new chapter. Directed by Oliver Park, produced by Lionsgate

According to the latest rumors revealed on the web; the great horror cult The Blair Witch Project is close to returning to the big screen; this time with a chilling new chapter. Saga born in 1999, has been able to revolutionize the rules of the cinematographic horror genre, offering the public an innovative product never seen until then.

Eight years after the last film, the director Oliver Park (English director and screenwriter known for The Offering, Strange Events, Still and A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio) is ready to take viewers back to the terrifying woods and paranormal mysteries.

The Blair Witch Project: the great bluff capable of scaring!

Produced by Lionsgate: The Blair With Project in the late 90s, was able to win the attention of the general public, subverting the rules of the found footage genre, and making use of a great distribution marketing strategy. In fact, the advertising campaign shrouded in mystery regarding the veracity of the subject matter, meant that the film obtained great recognition, including the Youth Award for best foreign film at the 1999 Cannes Film Festival.

Written and directed by first-timers Daniel Myrick e edward sanchez, the first film followed the story of three young film students, Heather Donahue, Michael C. Williams and Joshua Leonard; eager to investigate the mysterious legend of the witch who lives in the woods of Maryland. Go to the indicated place; as the days and nights pass, the three protagonists begin to lose their sanity and find themselves surrounded by a dark energy that plunges them into a terror they have never felt before.

Marked with the title of Untitled Blair Witch Sequel; at the moment the details regarding the plot or the possible cast of the new chapter have not been disclosed. Also produced this time by Lionsgate, the period of he resumed would be at the time set for the be late early autumn 2023. You just have to wait for more news about it. In the meantime; continue to follow to not miss all the news of the cinema and TV series of the moment!

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