The Boogeyman: new posters for the horror film

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Soon The Boogeyman, a horror film directed by Rob Savage, will be in theaters, the film has been anticipated by some posters, let’s find out

Finally the wait is over, on June 1st The Boogeymanthe horror film based on the story by Stephen King, known as Baubau, dated 1973, will finally be released in theaters. The film, initially thought only for streaming, has managed to land in the cinema, to the delight of lovers of the genre who will surely be happy to enjoy this film to the fullest. Let’s find out the plot, cast and the latest posters of this new release.

The Boogeyman: new posters for the horror film

Plot and cast | The Boogeyman: new posters for the horror film

The film is about a family torn apart by grief over the loss of one of its members. While the sisters Sadie e Sawyer they are destroyed because their mother left them, they are left to fend for themselves by their father Will, a therapist who is struggling hard with the same pain. One day, a patient shows up at their house in desperate need of help. From man it will be released a dark force, crying out to feed on their suffering.

The cast includes Chris Messina, Sophie Thatcher, Marin Ireland, Vivien Lyra Blair, David Dastmalchian e Madison Hu. By their side LisaGay Hamilton, Maddie Nichols, Beau Hart, Adams Bellouis, Lacey Dover e Han Soto. The Boogeyman is directed by the English director Rob Savage, famous for films like Host (2020). The script is instead of Scott Beck e Bryan Woods, famous for A Quiet Place (2018) and by Mark Heyman, famous instead for The Black Swan (2010).

The Boogeyman: new posters for the horror film

The Boogeyman: new posters for the horror film

The Boogeyman: new posters for the horror film

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Let’s now take a more detailed look at the poster, to try to better understand and have some clues about what will soon await us. From these posters, the feeling of unease that the director wants to convey, relying on our past fears, immediately shines through. Monsters in the closet, beings lurking under the bed and strange creatures daughters of the dark inhabited our imagination, as we never wanted and The Boogeyman really wants to bring them back to our memory. Rob Savage anticipated the film’s release with these statements:

The Boogeyman is a classic horror film in the mold of “Poltergeist – demonic presences”, which inspires fear and excites in the same way. I vividly remember the terror I felt reading Stephen King’s story as a child ed it is precisely this feeling of fear typical of childhood that I wanted to arouse in audiences around the world. This film was made in collaboration with an incredibly talented creative team and beautifully and intensely performed by our amazing cast. They all really enchanted me. We are incredibly proud of this film and can’t wait to give you all a reason to be afraid of the dark again.

Recall that the film will be released in cinemas on June 1, 2023. We of everything we are no longer in the skin, also because of the words of Stephen Kingauthor of the story, who in fact defined the upcoming film as one of the best adaptations of his works.

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