The Boy and the Heron: the film triumphs at the box office

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The Boy and the Heron, Miyazaki’s new effort, is the best box office debut ever for a Japanese feature film. The details

Another highly anticipated animated film has recently landed in cinemas, surprising everyone and placing first at the Italian box office. We’re talking about The boy and the heronlatest effort by Hayao Miyazaki which seems to be not disappointing audiences of all ages, who flocked to the theater to witness this new and magical adventure from Japan.

The Boy and the Heron: the film triumphs at the box office

A record-breaking debut | The Boy and the Heron: the film triumphs at the box office

On its first day in theaters, the film managed to gross 837.278 eurorecording 107,386 attendances and ranking sixteenth among the best grossing ever for a Japanese animated feature film. A great success considering the fierce competition of the period, which brought many films of all genres to theaters. Yet, The Boy and the Heron seems ready to retrace, even in Italy, that climb towards success that made it triumph in its native country, where it even arrived in theaters with a plot shrouded in mystery and without any marketing campaign behind his back.

As of yesterday, The Boy and the Heron continued its climb to success, with earnings of one 1 million and 400 thousand euros. Behind him Wish and the film by Alessandro Siani, It happens even in the best families. Only fourth Wonkawith behind How can a rock by Pio and Amedeo ed Aquaman the lost kingdom.

The first reviews

Let’s now focus on the content of this animated film which, from first impressions, turns out to be an unmissable chapter for lovers of the genre and above all of Miyazaki’s style. The film has in fact been praised both for its profound themes, capable of keeping adults glued to the screen, but also for its ability to entertain the little ones, with incredible animations and interesting characters. In short, from the first comments that have reached us, it would seem that it is worth it. Let us know what you think!

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