The Boys 4: release date and plot details revealed

Monza-Torino: dove vedere la partita?

They revealed the release date of The Boys 4 and some details about the plot, it will be a war between Patriot and Butcher

The Boys official X profile posted online The Boys: Season 4 release date. Unfortunately we will have to wait a little longer for the release of the new season, but we have several news on the details that create some connections with the season finale of the Gen V spin-off to the fourth season of The Boys. Speaking of the release period, unfortunately they remain vague. We are talking about a generic 2024even if it should come out between late spring and early summerstandard release period of seasons.

The Boys 4: release date and plot details revealed

The Boys Season 4 release date heralds the great war

Speaking of the story, fortunately we have some details. The events that we will see in the fourth season take place chronologically after the events of the Gen V spin-off series, which with a shocking eighth episode linked the two TV series to each other. The Boys season 4 timeline takes hold a month after the season finale of Gen V, taking into account what happened in the series finale. Since from this point on we will make SPOILERS on the season finale of Gen Vwe strongly advise you not to proceed further if you have not seen the spin-off series.

The Boys 4: release date and plot details revealed

Two series in one story: the connections between The Boys and Gen V

As is easy to understand from the ending of Gen V, Butcher has discovered a virus that kills Supers, this would totally change the deck of cards he has, giving him a huge advantage in the war he is facing with Homelander. Speaking of the latter, he won’t fare too well either. Patriot indeed will face trial for killing Starlight’s fan at the end of the third season. Vought intends to save the superhero’s reputation with a social campaign in support of him.

The events narrated in the fourth season of The Boys will then connect to the events of second season of Gen V, therefore continuing the story of the world of The Boys by intertwining the two series. However, the authors wanted to specify that you don’t need to have seen Gen V to understand the fourth season of The Boys, although they highly recommend seeing it. Also, the fourth season it won’t be the lastdirector Eric Kripke actually intends to make one too fifth season, although he has no idea how many seasons it will have. Continue to follow us on to stay up to date on the Amazon Prime Video series and much more from the world of cinema.

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