The calculation of the annual average stock is available to Italian customers thanks to N26

Il calcolo della giacenza media annua è disponibile per i clienti italiani grazie a N26 thumbnail

N26the online bank, integrates the possibility of download the document containing the calculation of the average annual stock as of January 10 this year. How does it work?

N26, how to calculate the average annual stock

The new feature promoted by N26, available to Italian customers both with Italian and German IBANallows you to download the document in a few simple operations to be performed directly in the app:

  • access your personal profile within the N26 app
  • select “account statement”;
  • select “average annual stock”;
  • select the reference year;
  • download the pdf with the average annual stock
  • N26 not only calculates the average yearly inventory but also theISEE

    Among the various uses, the calculation of the average annual stock is useful for the Single Substitute Declaration and for the calculation of the ISEE model, the Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator. A fundamental indicator for measuring one’s economic situation and falling within a well-defined value to be communicated in requests for tax breaks provided by the state and public bodies based on the income bracket, such as scholarships for students universities or discounts on main utilities such as electricity and gas.

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    N26 offers 6 good savings resolutions this year

    Here are the coupons money-saving resolutions according to N26.

    • Define your financial goals;
    • plan your budget;
    • personal financial education;
    • learn to save;
    • adopt effective savings habits;
    • manage debts.

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    N26, what is it

    With N26, saving is easy thanks to free online account. The customer will receive instant notifications for each transaction that takes place on their account. This will allow them to stay informed of the state of finances at all times and help them track your spending more efficiently. What’s more, opening an N26 account takes just a few minutes and an advisor is always willing to help at any time.