The Callisto Protocol: A patch for stuttering arrives on PC

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Krafton and Striking Distance have finally released a patch to fix the PC version of The Callisto Protocol stuttering issues

The Callisto Protocol was certainly one of the most anticipated titles of this year, but unfortunately the launch of the new horror of Krafton e Striking Distance it wasn’t all rosy. The PC version of the game indeed suffers from serious optimization problems which are infuriating all the players who bought it. Luckily, however, one has finally been released patch that should fix most suttering issues of The Callisto Protocol.

Callisto Protocol is finally playable on PC

If you haven’t been able to play The Callisto Protocol on PC these days due to stuttering, perhaps with this patch you will have the opportunity to fix this annoying problem. In fact, an update is available from today that manages to significantly reduce stuttering during sections of gameplay. This corrective patch finally makes the title playable on PC and, given the sensible Improved Steam Reviewsit seems that players are appreciating the effort.

The Callisto Protocol: A patch for stuttering arrives on PC

Unfortunately, however, this new patch it doesn’t fix every single performance issue of the game. At the moment indeed the main menu continues to be plagued by annoying stuttering plus it seems there are some too ray tracing issues. Fortunately, however, Krafton and Striking Distance have already announced that they are working on other patches that they should further improve performance of the game.

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