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The car market continues to grow, +22.7% in Italy

In September 2023, The European Union car market marked another month of growthwith an increase in new car registrations of 9,2%reaching a total of 861,062 units according to ACEA. This marks the fourth consecutive month of growth, indicating a steady recovery in the automotive sector. Two of the EU’s major markets, Italy and France, recorded significant gains, with a increase of 22.7% and 10.7% respectively. Meanwhile, the German market remains stable, with a slight decline of 0.1% compared to September 2022.

Car market growing in September 2023, +22.7% in Italy

This growth remains constant even in the data relating to first three quarters of 2023with the EU car market recording a significant increase of 16.9%, for a total of eight million units registered. However, despite this recovery, iThe market still remains 20% below its 2019 pre-pandemic level, which was 10 million units. Among the four main EU markets, Italy recorded an increase of 20.5%, followed by Spain (+18.5%), France (+15.9%) and Germany (+14.5%) .

Another significant trend is the growing interest in electric cars. In September 2023, the market share rises to 14.8%, surpassing diesel for the third time this year. This makes cars battery electric the third most popular choice among new car buyers. Meanwhile, the cars electric hybrids continue to maintain their position as the second preferred option, with a share of 27,3% of the market. Petrol cars remain the most popular choice, but their market share drops from 35.3% in September 2022 to 34.1% this year.

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In particular, electric car registrations in the EU increase by 14.3% in September 2023, reaching a total of 127,149 units, or 14.8% of the market. Although Germany, the largest market, recorded a significant decrease of 28.6%, positive performances in the Netherlands, Sweden and France offset this decline.

Similarly, new registrations of hybrid-electric cars in the EU crise by 30.5% in September 2023, with a strong contribution from the three main markets: Germany, Italy and France. Overall, almost 2 million units.

Decline in diesel cars

In September 2023, the European petrol car market recorded an increase of 5.5%, although the market share is dropped slightly from 35.3% to 34.1% compared to the previous year. Sales growth in key EU markets contributed significantly to this result. In reverse, The diesel car market in the EU continued to decline, with a decrease of 12.5% ​​in September.

These data reflect a growing preference for greener vehicles and an ever-growing interest in electric and hybrid cars in the European Union. And, above all, they highlight that the Italian market continues to recover.

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