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The cars of the future can be opened with a smartphone and fingerprints

Goodbye at keys: the auto of the future and they will open with the app dedicated and the fingerprints digital. But first let’s take a step back. When some manufacturers, about 20 years ago, introduced the system keyless up to the latest technologies.

Cars of the future, what the keyless system is and how it has evolved

From smart key to advanced key up to keyless entry, keyless go and genius entry. Here we are talking about a system that allows us to enter the car without the need to use the classic key per open the Portier.

The car of the future will open with apps and fingerprints, source PixabayThe car of the future will open with apps and fingerprints, source Pixabay

The system was created to facilitate the opening of cars when your hands are full. Across the system keyless they open the doors and the trunk. Then, the moment we get out of the car, there is a button that turns everything off. This allows you to leave with the key on you and the doors lock with a simple touch on the outside handle.

Also the smart key opens the doors as soon as it detects our presence nearby. Not only, adjust the volume of the car radio, anticipates the turning on of the reserve warning light of the fuel and so on. Obviously it is not certain that all these functions are present in our smart key, since they depend from the brand and from model dell’auto.

Cars of the future, here comes the apps that unlock them and set them in motion

Another step forward has now been made by Apple e Android. These, since 2021 have not only been testing, but have found a way in collaboration with some brands, to make sure that the smartphone And the new key from the cars.

Of course there are some requirements to use the smartphone Android o l’iPhone as a digital key to open and start the car you need to have certain characteristics. From the point of view of mobile devices, support for technologies is required NFC e/o UWB.

The car of the future will open with apps and fingerprints, source PixabayThe car of the future will open with apps and fingerprints, source Pixabay

These whether you use from the model iPhone XS, Apple Watch Series 5 and later, updated at least to iOS 14 (iOS 15 for UWB) e Android 12 for future compatible smartphones (Pixel and Samsung Galaxy).

While the cars that provide the possibility of being unlocked with a smartphone are programmed to make the best use of the function in complete safety.

Small note: each app is different and works differently. Or rather, there are manufacturers who have set up the function with remote recognition to open, close and start the vehicle. Others, on the other hand, have the driver recognition setting which is generally set at a distance of 10/15 meters.

Car of the future, a fingerprint is enough to open and close it

One of the latest innovations in the automotive market is the possibility of unlocking the vehicle with a fingerprint. The first to talk about it and introduce the new technology to the market is Hyundai. Basically, the driver place il finger on the sensor located on the door handle. Fingerprints, in the form of encrypted information, are identified and sent by the system to the fingerprint controller equipped with the vehicle.

The car of the future will open with apps and fingerprints, source site HyundaiThe car of the future will open with apps and fingerprints, source site Hyundai

Then, once on board, the pilot sets the vehicle in motion by touching an ignition button. This is provided with sensor for the fingerprint scan. For completeness, the basis of the system is capacitive recognition. This senses the electrical energy differentials in the various parts of the fingertip.

Obviously this technology effectively prevent counterfeits and fake fingerprintswith the possibility of failure in just one case in 50,000, making it five times more effective than conventional keys, including smart key. This new Hyundai technology will also offer extensive possibilities for personalizing the driving environment, as the recognition of the individual will automatically adjust seats, mirrors and other parameters.

car of the future, BMW Digital Key Plus is now also available on compatible Android devices

Conveniently open, start and lock the vehicle without having to take the mobile phone out of the pocket, for BMW it is already possible.

BMW Digital Key Plus it also arrives for smartphones with an operating system Android. So, all customers who own compatible Samsung or Google devices can use them to unlock and lock their BMW and start the engine without having to take their phone out of their pocket.

Car of the future, the BMW Digital Key Plus system, site sourceCar of the future, the BMW Digital Key Plus system, site source

While the Digital Key Plus And available on devices Apple dal 2021. The vehicle reacts automatically when approaching or moving away, like a classic key with comfort access functionality. Depending on the vehicle equipment, the orchestrated play of light from the front and rear lights in combination with the lighting projected in the area underneath the vehicle also works as with the physical key. It is now possible to configure the Digital Key Plus on current smartphone models Samsung Galaxy S23+ / Ultra and Google Pixel 7 Pro, as well as some older models with suitable hardware.

Car of the future, the new Mercedes E-Class lights up with the iPhone

Surprise: yes after Well yes puts in moto With the’iPhone and with theApple Watch. The infotainment is compatible with apps from TikTokthe game Angry Birds and video conferencing Zoom. Not only that, it uses artificial intelligence to memorize the most used settings in the cabin and make them instantly available. Here it is served new Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Car of the future the new Mercedes E-Class lights up with the iPhone, site sourceThe car of the future, the new Mercedes E-Class lights up with the iPhone, site source

The notchback sedan arrived in the sixth generationwill debut in the summer with engines exclusively electrified thermals both plug-in and mild hybrid, equipped with an intelligent support represented by an integrated starter generator (Isg) with 48 volt network, capable of delivering between 15 and 17 kW and 205 Nm in addition to combustion engines.

Cars of the future, Audi, Tesla and Ford are the pioneers of apps to open cars

L’Audi connect key once set on your smartphone it will work like a classic ignition key, with which you will be able to open and lock the car or start it. There key digital it is extremely comfortable since you can also provide it to other people, without having to physically deliver it.

While with FordPass Connect That he opens and locks the car, switches it on remotely and is obviously able to locate it. A real black box which, in a similar way to what is now done with a smartphone, manages to locate the car when it is out of our control.

Projected into the future are the cars of Teslaborn already with the system to open the car via app on the smartphone. Not only that, the cars recognize the “owner” when he walks towards them. If the phone runs out of battery, there is a spare card.

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