The Cavallino with Ferrari Roma Spider returns to the soft top

Ferrari Roma Spider, così il Cavallino torna alla capote in tela thumbnail

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Ferrari returns to seduce with the Roma Spider. The Cavallino proposes the canvas hood. Ferrari returns to the old love by combining elegance and sportiness with one of the latest models of the house. From the Rome touring car which takes up the concept V8+2. The summary of the engine architecture and the cabin configuration. Aesthetically respecting proportions, volumes and silhouettes. And like every new Ferrari. The Spider brings absolute novelties to the fore in terms of style and technology.

Ferrari Roma Spider, the soft top is an exercise in style and technology

Ferrari Roma Spider comes straight from the drawing board of Ferrari Style Center. This under the direction of Flavio Manzoni. The Roma Spider has a retractable soft-top in 13”5 up to 60 per hour. Made with five layers of fabric. This guarantees acoustic and thermal insulation equal to a rigid retractable pavilion. At the same time it offers numerous customization possibilities. The rear window is in the soft top to be stored together with it inside the rear tonneau cover. When the car is in open configuration.

When the roof is stowed, the active spoiler reconnects to the parcel shelf geometry and headrests. The teafabric used for the hood is the fruit of textile weaves with color combinations. These highlight the two souls of the car. The two-tone sartorial setting can be selected from a palette of four shades.

Ferrari Roma Spider

Ferrari Roma Spider, harmonious silhouette

When the roof is raised it complements the lines of the Roma I am harmonious. While when folded into its housing it assumes the Ferrari’s unique outline. The enveloping and monolithic-looking tail integrates both a lower diffuser. Compact in size, it houses exhausts and drifts as well as the mobile spoiler with specific calibrations for the open roof configuration. These trigger three different positions according to the driving conditions. Ferrari Roma Spider boasts a vertical load in high-speed handling situations comparable to that of the Roma.

The silhouette is defined also taking into great consideration comfort with the roof open. As well as the minimization of turbulence and aerodynamic noise in the cockpit. The solutions chosen were guided by the need to simplify the transition from a closed to an open roof. By introducing automatisms in the movement of surfaces intended for aerodynamic comfort. The patented automatic wind deflector that can be activated by the driver even while driving. When the pilot decides to open it by simply pressing a button positioned on the tunnel.

Ferrari Roma Spider, seductive and engaging interior

The interior from the Ferrari Roma Spider traces that of Roma. Therefore it is always characterized by the almost symmetrical structure due to the division into distinct cells for the pilot and the passenger. The dashboard with touch controls, as well as for the all-virtual and digital 16” cluster. Which is flanked by the central 8.4 “vertical infotainment display. To which is also added the screen with which the passenger can share driving information. The man-machine interface of the Spider is a revised and improved version of that Roma. Where steering wheel has touch controls positioned on the spokes.

Ferrari Roma Spider 0Ferrari Roma Spider

Ferrari Roma Spider, the technical characteristics

Inherit from Rome touring car the same 3.9 liter engine with 620 horsepower and 760 Nm of torque. This paired with the 8-speed dual clutch gearbox, which develops a specific power of 161 hp/litre and which, intertwining with a mass of 1,556 kg, is 84 kg higher than that of the coupé due to the components it brings with it from the transformation into a spider, including strengthening to improve structural rigidity. This generates a weight/power ratio of 2.5 kg/hp. Performance in the footsteps of the grand tourer,Ferrari Roma Spider exceeds 320 per hour and reaches 100 and 200 per hour, respectively, in 3”4 and 9”7.

The engine supported by software that varies the torque according to the gear engaged both to optimize consumption and performance, gives off a specific tonality and adopts an evolution of the oil pump obviously also transferred to the V8 of the coupé which reduces time- to-pressure in cold starts by 70% and which increases the flow rate at medium revs. The Spider adopts the 6.0 version of the SSC system for dynamic management which also includes the function that controls lateral dynamics in the Race position of the Manettino (with which the vehicle configurations are engaged).