The CEO of OnePlus Europe presents us with the company’s new foldable smartphone

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OnePlus is about to launch its first foldable smartphone: we interviewed Bingo Liu, the CEO of OnePlus Europe, to tell us some of the model details. Liu explained to us how OnePlus arrived at this innovative product, the reasons behind some design choices and how the new OnePlus smartphone differs from other foldables on the market.

OnePlus, European CEO Bingo Liu tells us about the new foldable smartphone

During our conversation, Liu explained how (and with whom) OnePlus has worked to develop a foldable device that can meet the expectations of the most demanding users. Without revealing too many details, Liu shared someand interesting information about the design and key features of the new device.

We also asked Bingo Liu to talk to us about the durability of the hinge, one of the most important points to understand how much we can fold the new OnePlus smartphone. But let’s close with the pleasantries and move directly to the answers of the CEO of OnePlus Europe.

Interview with Bingo Liu

For easier reading, before our questions you will find the acronym “TP” ( and before the answers “BL” (Bingo Liu).

TP. Let’s get straight to the point: OnePlus is about to launch a new foldable smartphone on the market, a category that always arouses a lot of interest. Can you tell us what the device is called?

BL. “Of course, our new foldable smartphone is called OnePlus Open. This name not only represents its new foldable shape, but also the our openness to new opportunities, using cutting-edge technologies. Staying true to our motto “Never Settle,” we continue to explore new avenues and seek innovations in the smartphone market, keeping an open mind. With OnePlus Open, we reiterate our commitment to offering our users a unique experience, positioning ourselves competitively in the foldable device market and driving innovation in this sector. OnePlus Open will win over users with the features and functionality that have become the hallmark of the OnePlus Fast&Smooth experience.”

TP. When will we be able to see him live for the first time? Have you already decided on a launch event?

BL. “Of course, OnePlus Open will be revealed during our launch event next October 19th at 3pm BST/4pm CEST. This will represent our challenge in the foldable device market. We want to position ourselves competitively in this new category, presenting a series of innovative devices equipped with the most advanced technologies currently available.”

TP. Is it a “book” or “clamshell” device? Can you explain the reasons behind the choice of this design?

BL. “The OnePlus community and its target audience mostly understand technology enthusiasts and elite professionals in the corporate sector, including figures such as financial professionals, engineers, doctors and other leading figures in various sectors. These individuals use their OnePlus devices for work, study, and engaging entertainment. Folding the phone provides a tablet-like experience, with the aim of satisfying the needs of our target audience. Using large foldable phones can greatly enhance the experience in all of these areas, which is why OnePlus currently pays particular attention to foldable book phones.

“Our research also revealed that many foldable phone users prefer to use the external display primarily. As a result, this foldable book-style phone model ensures that users’ experience is uninterrupted when they make the transition from a device with a single display.”

TP. Many consumers hesitate to buy foldables because they fear they will wear out over time due to folding. What type of mechanism did you adopt for the hinge? What solutions have you adopted to “calm down” consumers?

TP: “The OnePlus Open device features presence of precious materials, aimed at reducing size and weight, with a parallel increase in its durability. We have made significant investments in mechanical design and material choices for the OnePlus Openand the main innovation among these optimizations lies in the hinge. We are certain that you will not be disappointed. Further details will be revealed during our launch event.”

TP. Can you give us some details about the product? Design, hardware, software

BL. “OnePlus’ foldable device will stand out for its fast and smooth experience, a lightweight and compact body, as well as remarkable photographic skills, among other notable features. In order to further optimize the user experience in applications, OnePlus has introduced a innovative solution in OxygenOS. Continuous collaboration with users and partners is an ongoing effort to improve the overall experience.

“We work in close synergy with leading partners like Google to optimize users’ software experience. Together, we are dedicating efforts optimizing and adapting the experience on large screens, as well as the development of industry standards, thus benefiting the overall development of the Android ecosystem.

“With all-new software, we’ve boosted users’ daily productivity by providing the most efficient and secure operating system ever made. Furthermore, the software has been specially designed to make the most of the OnePlus Open’s two screens, ensuring the compatibility of approximately 95% of the most popular apps with the large expandable screen”.

TP. We know you worked with Oppo to co-create this product. How did this relationship work?

BL. “In fact, the product is the result of collaboration between the OPPO and OnePlus product teams. We combined the experience accumulated by the two teams and the respective peculiarities of the two brands to develop the most robust product possible. Based on specific market strategies, we will proceed with the marketing of the device in different geographical areas. We believe that there is currently only one excellent folding smartphone on the market. TOWe have integrated OPPO’s wealth of expertise into the design of foldable devicesie in image technology matured over the years, together with OnePlus’ expertise in the creation of a light, fluid and unconstrained design, combined with remarkably robust hardware components. We have synergistically exploited the skills of the two teams to jointly define this product, and we are confident in declaring that it currently represents the best folding product available on the market”.

TP. Over the last year and a half we have seen the leaflet market expand significantly: what will be the differentiating factor for your product? How do you intend to win over consumers?

BL. “OnePlus is not the first company to launch a foldable phone. However, we have always aimed to make the best foldable phone possible. Therefore, it is with conviction that we declare that the OnePlus’ first foldable phone is currently the spearhead in the foldable device sector. It will, without a doubt, be the dream phone for many.

“During the development phase of the foldable phone, we constantly kept in mind one key aspect: the main benefit for users of a foldable phone lies in the experience offered by a large screen. This meets the basic needs of users, namely the need for the device to be easy to carry and compact, but can offer a large viewing area when needed. We believe this need is the core of using a foldable phone.

OnePlus OPPO Qualcomm ray tracing

“Consequently, when enjoying the experience of a large open screen, it is essential that the device also meets the typical requirements of a flagship smartphone, such as lightness, thinness, excellence in photography and extraordinarily fast and smooth performance. We believe these features are the essential elements that define a perfect foldable phone.

“[…] In the process of developing our leaflet, we have spared no resources. We’ve incorporated technical specifications and advanced features within a comfortable, lightweight, compact and durable folding body, with a hinge mechanism designed to minimize the perception of creasing. OnePlus Open opens up new possibilities for demanding users around the world, setting new standards in the mobile device category. It represents our flagship that opens up to infinite opportunities. Our ambition is for our first foldable device to be unquestionably the best, a true flagship foldable phone that fully meets user expectations.

“And, of course, we want to reserve a pleasant surprise for you: The alert slider, so loved by OnePlus users, will also be included in our first foldable phone“.

After these answers, we are waiting to find out even more about the foldable smartphone, which OnePlus will launch on October 19th at 4pm Italian time. We will keep you…

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