The charms “against” 5G are radioactive: better not to use them

I ciondoli "contro" il 5G sono radioattivi: meglio non usarli thumbnail

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For some time now, products such as pendants and other accessoriesand for “Protect” users from 5G. Among the most widespread hoaxes of recent years, at least before Covid became the favorite topic of conspiracy theorists, there is precisely 5G and its alleged damage to health. To “defend” oneself from the negative effects of 5G, it is possible to resort to some accessories (a mask for the night, a pendant, a necklace, a bracelet) which, according to the manufacturers, would be able to block 5G. There is a problem though. These accessories are radioactive and their sale was therefore blocked.

Accessories that protect from 5G are radioactive

The news comes from the Netherlands where the Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Authority ANVS reported 10 products in this special anti 5G category that emit harmful radiation. Such products contain some radioactive elements and emit low amounts of radiation. Prolonged use, however, could prove to be harmful to health unlike 5G on which there is no evidence of possible damage to health.

Possible damage in case of prolonged use

The inonized radiation emitted by these products, in case of prolonged use over the years, could cause damage to tissues and DNA as well as a visible redness of the skin. The advice, for those who have purchased these products, is not to use them. L’complete list of dangerous anti 5G products is available on the ANVS official website.