The child seat: selection guide for maximum safety

Il seggiolino per bambini: guida alla scelta per la massima sicurezza thumbnail

The child seat for use in the car it depends on the age of the child. This solution, necessary for travel safety, is mandatory up to 150 centimeters in height, while anti-abandonment solutions are mandatory for up to four years. Regardless of the speed of the vehicle, little ones must always travel using the child seat. The portal has selected rules and advice to consider when purchasing this essential device.

The child seat in the car: essential for safety and the model to choose depends on various factors

The car seat depends on the weight of the child. They are, in fact, defined four categories:

  • Group 0 and 0+ (0-13 kg)
  • Group 1 (9-18 kg)
  • Group 2 (15-25 kg)
  • Group 3 (15-36 kg)

The survey highlighted the presence of car seat categories that overlap in part with each other. To clarify this aspect, the following list has been created which also includes indications relating to the price range of the products:

  • I-size (fino a 105 cm): 85 – 600 €
  • Group 0 (0-10 kg): 140 – 200 €
  • Group 0+ (0-13 kg): € 79-400
  • Group 0 + 1 (0-18 kg): € 50-500
  • Group 1 (9-18 kg): € 100-500
  • Group 2/3 (15-36 kg): € 50-300
  • Group 1/2/3 (9-36 kg): € 70-400
  • Group 3 (22-36 kg): € 20-80

Infant seats go positioned against the direction of travel. This mode of travel, underlines, must be abandoned as late as possible, even when the child begins to grow. In fact, there are seats on the market that can accommodate children in this position up to 15 months or, with some I-sizes, up to four years. In general, don’t be in a hurry to switch to the next seat and you have to make sure that the child has actually reached a suitable weight and height.

The Isofix system

To be able to count on greater stability and, above all, on superior protection in the event of a collision (front or side), it is necessary to focus on seats with Isofix hooks. This solution is hooked by means of special hooks and simplifies installation while also maximizing safety. It should be noted, however, that not all cars are suitable for the use of Isofixes.