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The Chinese SUV coupé Aiways U6 arrives in Italy

It is the second model of the young Chinese manufacturer, arrives in Italia il SUV coupe Aiways 6. Slender proportions, the sloping roofline and the sloping rear window. An exercise of clean design and that gives a nod to the electric cars of the future. There Led lights with geometric motif, the marked ribs of the bonnet. The curved wheel arches underline the silhouette.

Aiways U6, technology at the service of the future

Compared to the other Suv Aiways la U5, la U6 marks the turning point in terms of interiors. The upholstery is soft for the most visible parts of the passenger compartment. Thoughtful details like ambient lighting under the moldings. The big infotainment screen is of inspiration Tesla. All vehicle functions are controlled from this (including opening the charging flap). The system is based on Android.

There is no shortage of connection protocols to smartphones via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, both wireless. To avoid distractions there’s a second display, narrow and slim, just behind the steering wheel. This displays essential information while driving such as speed. The estimated remaining range and battery percentage.

The center console, with gear control is similar to an airplane joystick. There are also all the most important driving assistance devices. The lane keeping system, the adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking.

Aiways U6 2Aiways U6, official website source

Airways U6, capacity and comfort for travelling

It Suv coupe Aiways U6 it is comfortable for all five passengers. The front seats offer electric adjustments. So whoever sits in the back has many centimeters for their legs. The SUV-coupé bodywork gives space to those who are 180 centimeters tall. The passenger has access to the air conditioning vents (non-adjustable) and two USB sockets for recharging.

Il trunk is large. This by lifting the electric tailgate reveals a regular loading floor. It is complete with a convenient cockpit for stowing charging cables.

Aiways U6 1Aiways U6, official website source

Aiways U6, times and recharge

Lthe car Aiways U6 it has the basis mechanics of the U5. There are more components and takes up the battery cut (63 kWh). While the front electric motor is new. This is manufactured in-house by Airways. it has the same engine power as the U5 (204 HP). But it is more efficient, as well as more compact and lighter.

The elements are combined with a body drag coefficient (0.24). This allows the Airways U6 to exceed 400 km in the Wltp approval cycle. The sprint from 0 to 100 km/h takes 6.9 seconds. As for recharging, the U6 accepts alternating current up to 11 kW and continuous current up to 90 kW.

To connect to a fast column takes 28 minutes to switch from 10 to 80% of the charge.

Aiways U6, the debut in Italy with a special formula

The importer of the Airways in Italy is Cooler. The Milanese group that already markets as Mitsubishi and Ssangyong. Aiways U6 costs 49,900 euro. The offer is simple. A single figure for a single set-up where everything is standard.

You pay and choose only the color. Then you wait for the car to arrive. “Once loaded onto the ships, the cars arrive via the Suez Canal”. Marco Saltalamacchia, Executive Vice President & CEO of the Koelliker Group explains.

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