The chip shortage will last until 2023

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The current global chip shortage will be a problem for a long time to come, at least according to Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger, who reiterated that the problem will last until at least 2023. “We are in the worst part now; every quarter of next year we will improve incrementally, but there will not be a balance between supply and demand until 2023 ”. So recently commented Gelsinger. On the other side Lisa Su, CEO of Intel’s competitor AMD, commented that the supply “will improve in 2022”.

Chip: Intel’s CEO admits the shortage will last at least another two years

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said the chip shortage could last until at least 2023. A far from cheerful prospect, which comes along with the announcement of the 2% drop in revenue for the Client Computing Group that makes desktop and laptop chips, driven by a 5% drop in notebook sales that Intel attributed to “notebook ecosystem constraints.” And that basically means that companies don’t have enough devices to produce new laptops.

In fact, it would appear that the problem is not the chip shortage in particular, but rather the combination of the different parts. “We call it a match set, where we might have the CPU, but not the LCD or Wi-Fi,” says Gelsinger. In any case, some of this decline was offset by the growth of desktop PCs, where Intel registered earnings of 20% for the category, even if they were not enough to compensate for the decline in notebook sales. Indeed, despite the decline in laptop revenue, Intel still saw its own total revenue increase by 5% year-on-year to $ 18.1 billion. A meager consolation, but still a consolation.