The cloud grows in Italy, worth 3.84 billion euros

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The Italian cloud market continues to grow in Italy at a rapid pace: compared to last year it reaches +16% with 3.84 billion euros of business spending in our country. An adoption mainly due to the push of large companies, which in 44% of cases have abandoned on-premise solutions to move to public and private cloud. The overtaking the cloud on the classic datacenter is next.

The cloud in Italy continues to grow

Going digital isn’t easy. There is still one in three companies (34%) that, despite having moved to the cloud, admit that they have not yet made the leap in quality by doing training with employees. But the photographed passage from the Cloud Transformation Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano it seems clear.

Alessandro Piva, director of the Cloud Transformation Observatory, explains: “Following the decisive change of pace that took place in 2020 due to the health emergency, the first estimates for this year confirm further consolidation, with growth rates similar to those before -pandemics. Today, companies and public administrations are facing the real challenge: to structure a long-term strategy that places the cloud at the center of digitization “.

Going from emergency to consolidation will not be easy. But companies are learning to spend and spend well in the cloud world. In fact, the data show “an increase in investments related to strategic projects, the interconnection of applications, now distributed in different computational environments, and functional and architectural innovation “.

The hybrid cloud O public, which is therefore based on services from external providers, also remains the market component. In fact it holds true 2.39 billion of Euro (+19%). But also private and custom-built solutions find more and more space. And soon the projections are saying that the cloud will be critical for most businesses. But at the same time, more investment in employee training would be needed to keep company resources safe even in the cloud.