Il Coachella Festival torna su Fortnite: concerti virtuali, skin e un'isola dedicata thumbnail

The Coachella Festival returns to Fortnite: virtual concerts, skins and a dedicated island

Epic Games has renewed its partnership with the Coachella, one of the most important music festivals in the world, which for the second consecutive year will also land on Fortnite. The collaboration will bring several novelties to the game, including a dedicated island, themed skins and much more.

How will Coachella be featured in Fortnite?

The music festival will be presented within the game in several ways. The biggest novelty is certainly represented by the Coachella Island, an island that players will be able to explore in creative mode. The map will feature several mini-games, in the tradition of the game’s creative islands. Not only that: there will obviously be a lot of music, that of Porter Robinson in this specific case. Coachella Island will have, just like the actual festival, a merchandising tent. The island will be available to all players tomorrow, April 14, 2023.

In the meantime Epic Games has already added 18 new songs to in-game radios (those of vehicles). The songs are obviously from the artists who will perform at the festival. The Coachella 2023 billboard is packed as usual, but wanting to mention the headliners and co-headliners we find Bad Bunny, Gorillaz, BLACKPINK, Rosalìa, Frank Ocean e Björk.

There will be too new missions to complete, in exchange for XP and cosmetic items. And then, since we’re on Fortnite, there will be the inevitable skinpurchasable in the in-game Item Shop just like last year.

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