Polaroid: ecco le nuove macchine fotografiche analogiche istantanee thumbnail

Polaroid: here are the new instant analog cameras

Polaroid Now, the analog instant camera that revived the legendary Dutch brand in 2020. It evolves and comes in two new versions: Now Generation 2 i-Type e la Now+ Generation 2 i-Type. Shaped on the essence of instant analogue photography invented by Polaroid, imperfect but at the same time able to fascinate even the new generations of photographers. The new instant analog cameras bring important new features.

The new instant analogue cameras by Polaroid, for unique and unrepeatable images

The making with recycled materials at 40%, the charging mode of the built-in lithium-ion battery via a 1.2-meter USB Type-C cable and compatibility with Polaroid 600 films, as well as i-Types. These are the main features that distinguish the two new models from their predecessors.

Designed to give the best of itself in all situations and capable of returning unique and unrepeatable images, to be displayed on the bulletin board or kept in the album of memories. Polaroid Now Generation 2 i-Type and Now+ Generation 2 i-Type are designed to allow those who use them to push your creative limits.

Even more fascinating, colorful and creative

Beautiful to look at, thanks to a design that combines classic with modern and always trendy colors.

Polaroid Now Generation 2 i-Type is available in four classic color variants (black and white, black, red and blue). The Now+ Generation 2 focuses on white, on the black and on an unusual and pleasant forest green.

Both cameras make use of one special automatic selection lens which distinguishes portraits from group photographs. The sistema autofocus in fact, with two zones, active on both models, it recognizes and manages subjects located at distances between 0.4m and 1.3m (Zone 1, close-up, equivalent focal length of 40mm). And those between 1m and infinity (Zone 2, standard, 35mm equivalent focal length).

Polaroid Now Gen2 Blue

The other features that the Now and Now+ Generation 2 models have in common are different. The built-in smart flash which recognizes the scenes and returns the best level of lighting (even in backlight), the self-timer and double exposure for creative and original images. The life of the built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery has also been improved. Now, up to 120 photos with Polaroid 600 and Polaroid i-Type film can be taken on a single charge.

The Now+ Gen 2 model features the technology of Bluetooth connection using the Polaroid app compatible with Android and iOS systems. This allows you to unlock particular camera functions: remote control, aperture priority, sound activation as well as the effect Light Painting for images “drawn” with light.

It also offers a set of colored and creative filters, for decidedly more sophisticated shots and able to free the character of each user. Contained in a practical case that facilitates transport, the new filters allow you to apply to photographs starburst effect, a red vignette and the dominant colors of orange, blue and yellow. In addition to the filters, the attachment completes the Now+ Generation 2 equipment.

Price and availability

Polaroid Now Generation 2 i-Type and Polaroid Now+ Generation 2 i-Type are distributed in Italy by Nital and offered respectively at the suggested retail price of € 129,99 e € 149,99.