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The Crow: the memory of Brandon Lee

In view of the arrival of the remake of The Crow, we thought we’d talk about the film again. The Crow is the last memory of Brandon Lee that we have left, the last work in which he acted and in which he tragically died during filming

Talking about this film will be a difficult undertaking, especially due to the parallels that have been created between the character of Eric Draven and the actor who played him, Brandon Lee. Her death is one of the saddest in the history of cinema, especially because she suffered the same fate as her father Bruce Leewho also died at a young age, alone 33 years. What was going around the Lee family was a real curse, in fact some have named it the dragon’s curse. Knowing that the remake of the first film will arrive soon, we want to talk about The RavenBrandon Lee’s last memory.

Spirit of Vengeance | The Crow: the memory of Brandon Lee

The reason why the first film de The Raven is so loved not so much because of the tragic death of the lead actor, but because the story it tells. This story is tragic, just as Brandon Lee’s death was. It almost seems like a real curse that revolved around his family, given that in addition to the actor having died, at the beginning of the film the protagonist Eric Draven also dies. In fact, we see a young boy, a great rock lover, who lives with his beautiful and sweet girlfriend Shelly. The two were about to get married on Halloween, October 31st. But plans are shattered when a criminal gang enters their home on the Devil’s nightsexually abusing Shelly and killing Eric by throwing him from the building.

The whole film is about vendetta. A year after that tragedy, in fact, Eric Draven comes back to life, to take revenge for the wrong suffered by that gang of criminals. The film introduces us to a dystopian city, governed mostly by crime and corruption, very similar to Gotham. The settings are practically the same, a dark and hopeless city, which however lights up again when it raven spirit takes over Eric Draven’s body, due to his soul not being able to rest in peace. The raven is in fact one vengeful spiritwhich awakens the person who has unfinished business to add a point to the final chapter of his story.

The Crow: the memory of Brandon Lee

Hope when all is lost | The Crow: the memory of Brandon Lee

Let’s focus precisely on the fact that the city in which the film is set is dirty, dark, corrupt and devoid of positive aspects. The world of Il Corvo is one of the saddest and most rotten you will ever see on screen, but this is nothing new, unfortunately. Crime and corruption are the order of the day, they were in 1994 and they are today too. This is why we believe that The Crow is a film that has aged really well, not only when it comes to the technical side, but precisely because of it the themes that we are shown in the story of this violent and vengeful anti-hero. Comic films have always shown us the hero as invincible and impenetrable, perfect and always smiling, but The Crow is one of the first comic films that breaks the mold and does something completely unique.

We repeat, the character of the Crow is a anti-hero, so he’s not perfect, let alone always smiling. But it’s still one source of hope for the city and for all the innocent people who live there. He gives hope mainly to the little ones Sarah, a little girl that Eric and Shelly had decided to look after, due to her drug-addicted mother who was hanging out in bad circles. After they died, the little girl no longer had any hope for the future. But the arrival of the Crow restores hope to little Sarah who, realizing the return of her hero Eric, smiles again. The city now has a new protector and the criminals begin to have a go at it real fear.

The Crow: the memory of Brandon Lee

Between fiction and reality | The Crow: the memory of Brandon Lee

We said before that the reason why The Crow is still such a beloved film today is not just because of the tragic death of Brandon Lee. This doesn’t mean that though his death had a big impact. It almost seems like a coincidence that Eric Draven’s death coincides with that of Brandon Lee. The actor in fact died on set, during filming, with a blank gunshot that hit the actor full with splinters. A shot that was fatal. This thing, even today, really makes us think a lot, also considering the fact that there was a real curse around the Lee family that led father and son to die young. It’s heartbreaking to think, then, that Eric Draven has come back to life thanks to the vengeful spirit of the Crow.

Even today, thinking about it, it brings a tear to those who watch the film and know the tragedy that occurred during filming. Believers might even think that for a while Brandon’s spirit remains alive, somewhere, maybe just to see the full film and see the audience’s reaction. The fact remains that the death of the character and the actor in the same film creates a feeling of anguish for those who think about it. But at the same time it is moving, because it shows us a happy Brandon at the end of his journey, who fought for his loved ones and was finally able to achieve the peace he was looking for so much.

The Crow: the memory of Brandon Lee

It can not rain forever

This is the phrase that has become cult in the world of cinema and which immediately takes us back to the innocent and harmonious face of Brandon Lee. The film is based precisely on the aforementioned phrase “It can not rain forever“. This phrase links perfectly to the importance of hope. The hope for a better future, the hope of seeing one’s life radically change for the better, the hope that one day the suffering, pain and sadness will end. Eric Draven, as well as Brandon Lee, invite us to have hope for the future, to never give up and to fight. Because those who fight and those who have hope will ultimately have the justice and recognition they deserve.

What do you think of Il Corvo? Was there really a need for a remake? Tell us yours in the comments. What is certain is that this film is unforgettable. Continue to follow us on for other specials and news from the world of cinema and much more.

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