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The Cupra UrbanRebel looks like it came out of a video game

Vibrant like the colors of a video game, here is theUrbanRebel Of Cupra. The electric cars of the future have many features. Among these is the task of attracting the new generations. Cupra knows how to do it, it seems. The Cupra team develops the vision and what the electric car looks like. Not just for ‘GenZ’.

Cupra Urban Rebel Concept, is a prototype of the brand’s future electric urban car. This expertly mixes an aesthetic sporty and one from gaming. Above all, it puts the driver at the centre, his interests related to the mobility of the future.

Cupra Urban Reber fonte sito Cupra 1Cupra Urban Rebel, source site Cupra

Cupra UrbanRebel, the electric car born for the new generations

Presenting Cupra UrbanRebel, Jorge Díez director of design explains. “The interior has been designed to maximize emotion and transform driving into an experience.

In designing the electric car of the future, pre-established concepts must be changed. Then create a car for the drivers of tomorrow. This new generation born into a world. Where the Internet offers immediate emotions with a simple click.

Their car must give them that same feeling through an innovative design that they feel they own.”

Cupra Urban Rebel, source site CupraCupra Urban Rebel, source site Cupra

The approach to the new generations and the mobility of the future. Two fundamental ingredients in creating the Copper UrbanRebel. Nothing is left to chance. Díez continues: “In Cupra we love driving. This is why all the elements are aimed at its protagonist, the driver. Among these, the two screens that open simply by pressing a button.

With these Led displays, who is behind the wheel has all the necessary information at his disposal. Together with the Head-up Display system, these two screens make driving the Cupra UrbanRebel Concept a unique emotional experience”.

Cupra UrbanRebel concept, the gaming aesthetic that captures attention

The interior of the Cupra Urban Rebel Concept are dominated by a gaming aesthetic. This is characterized by parametric design elements, enhanced by internal lighting that combines sportiness with the world of video games.

Jorge Diez design director explains. “In designing the interior of Cupra UrbanRebel Concept we have always had the next ones in mind generations. And for this we have devised a color palette for interior lighting. This enhances the link with the virtual world.

Thus introducing shades such as purples and greens, as well as highlighting other elements of the cabin such as the suspended console”. We find the same vibrant colors in the seats with a sculptural fluorine color design.

These are made custom made with 3D knitting techniques, combining the latest technologies in the design of more sustainable elements. Obviously, theelement central that characterizes the interior of the UrbanRebel Concept is the steering wheelwhere the two universes, aesthetics and gaming, take shape again.

Díez concludes: “It’s a striking design, with a rounded cut at the bottom that gives it a sportier look. We’ve also incorporated buttons that resemble video console controls.”

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