The customer is not always right: Nintendo denies the repair to rude customers

The customer is not always right: Nintendo denies the repair to rude customers

If you are in Japan and need to request a repair for your Nintendo device, you may want to be polite and not raise your voice. What until yesterday was a question of education, today becomes a real business rule, which appears even in the new ones terms and conditions of the Japanese company’s customer care service.

The rule is simple: if the customer is rude the operator is not required to serve him assistance.

Japan: Nintendo denies repair to rude customers

In the Land of the Rising Sun, currently, there is no law designed to protect employees from any harassment of customers. So here is that Nintendo has decided to create it by itself: if you request a service you must do it in an appropriate way. But how will this creative form of civics be implemented in practice?

It’s actually very simple: the employee may arbitrarily choose to refuse to serve a customer that is found to be rude or harassing. Abstention may also concern any requests deemed unreasonable and illogical. The new policy applies to both telephone and in-store assistance, and is therefore also applied to those who keep operators on the phone for a period of time deemed out of the ordinary by the employee himself.

Is the customer always right? Not in Japan. Not for Nintendo.

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