The DDoS attack on the Overwatch 2 servers prevents fans from playing on launch day

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The launch of Overwatch 2 in early access was interrupted by alcuni bug and from a massive DDoS attack which prevented players from accessing the game. Let’s find out all the details together.

A DDoS attack prevents fans from trying Overwatch 2

Fans have reported of stuck on the loading screen and to have found one mistake after another. In addition, they were put queued behind hundreds – and in some cases, even tens of thousands – of other players trying to get in.

Blizzard President, Mike Ybarrahe initially tweeted that the game was going experiencing server problems and that the company’s teams were working hard to resolve the situation. In a later tweet, however, the executive admitted that the game was “undergoing a mass DDoS attack” on servers. The attack unfortunately caused connection problems.

Blizzard has developed the new sparatutto free-to-play for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. The new game reduces the size of teams from six to fivenew maps, new heroes and new features, such as the ability to place a Ping on the enemy to point it out to the rest of the team. The servers of the first Overwatch are gone offline shortly after the launch of its sequel. This means that fans are forced to wait for Blizzard to fix the problem.

Beyond mitigate the DDoS attackBlizzard also has to solve some bug that occurred at the time of launch. Between these, objects e currency disappeared from the players’ collections, some inaccessible areasactions that make him become lo black screen and theSMS Protect by Blizzard which renders the client unusable.

In a tweet, the Director of the Overwatch 2 game, Aaron Kellerstated that Blizzard will work all night for troubleshoot server problems.