Instagram will increase advertising in the App

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In the second quarter of 2022, the Meta’s revenues have dropped dramatically for the first time. Therefore, in recent weeks the company has been doing everything to recoup its losses and keep investors good. This is why he decided to add advertisements in multiple sections of the Instagram App, such as the Feed Explore and the Post Feed from a user’s profile. But let’s see more clearly about Meta’s new strategy

Instagram: App will add advertising in new sections

As far as we know, brands now have the ability to place advertisements in the Instagram App’s Explore Feed, while Profile Feed ads are still being tested. Additionally, Meta will offer some creators the ability to earn a reduction in revenue from the ads displayed in their profile feeds. But that’s not all, as the company recently announced an interesting series of updates for its advertising products – some of which will have an impact on Instagram -. First of all, Meta will test Augmented Reality ads both in the Feed and in the Stories. An option that brands could use to allow users to try “virtual” furniture in their home or to see a car more closely.

Credits: Meta

And as if that weren’t enough, the company is experimenting new ad formats on Facebook and Instagram Reels. Among these, apparently, there would also be a “post-loop” format, that is “skipable” announcements lasting between 4 and 10 seconds, which are played after a Reel. At the end of the announcement, then the Reel is played from the beginning creating, in fact, a loop effect. Additionally, Meta is also testing ads in the format of a carousel of images, usually displayed when a Reel has finished playing. Finally, brands will have access to one free music library for use in Reels ads.

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As for the number of ads displayed, this will vary from user to user. Each of us may see equal or more of it than we already do, but we will surely see advertising in different areas of the Instagram App. “The number of ads on the platform varies based on how people use Instagram,” a spokesperson said. We closely monitor people’s sentiment, both for ads and for marketing in general ”.