The Dropout: the series based on a true story, on Disney Plus

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The Dropout, the series that tells the story of Elizabeth Holmes, is coming to Disney Plus from April 20. Let’s find out all the details

One of the most anticipated series announced by Disney Plus is finally coming. In fact, from tomorrow The Dropout will be available on the platform. It’s about a drama tv seriesformat yes 8 episodesbased on the podcast of the same name, hosted by Rebecca Jarvis and produced by ABC News. The film tells the true story of Elizabeth Holmes, of his company, the Theranos and how, having reached the peak of success, the woman has lost everything.

Plot and true story of The Dropout

The Dropout tells of one of the America’s most egregious scams. We talk about Elizabeth Holmesan ambitious girl capable of founding, although very young and without skills, a company, la Theranos. Success comes soon, as the girl claims she invented one revolutionary technology, able to carry out blood tests in a simple, fast and minimally invasive way, still managing to collect huge amounts of data in a few drops of blood. The idea seems to be successful, so much so as to attract many lenders, ready to invest in the new business; the rise of Theranos seems unstoppable, but it is not. Soon, the young billionaire will pass from glory to ruinlosing everything in no time.

The miniseries is based on the true story of Elizabeth Holmes, the entrepreneur who seemed to have gone down in history as one of the brightest minds of this century. Only in 2015, the woman had been defined by Forbes come “one of the youngest and richest female entrepreneurs in America“, Having managed to build their own successful company. It seems incredible how only the following year, she was defined by Fortune come “one of the most disappointing leaders in the world“.

The decline of the company begins in 2015, when some journalistic inquiries bring out a very different truth from what the woman was telling. Holmes was accused of fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud and convicted of these crimes, in January of this year.

The Dropout: the series based on a true story, on Disney Plus

The cast

In The Dropout, young Elizabeth Holmes will be played by Amanda Seyfried. The actress, well known to the public, is known for her role in Missing (2020), which earned her a nomination for the Golden Globeai Critics’ Choice Awards and al Oscar Award for Best Supporting Actress. Seyfried is here flanked by Naveen Andrews, already famous for the role of Jonas in Sense8 (2015-2018); we will find him in The Dropout in the role of Ramesh Sunny Balwania businessman, as well as president and chief operating officer of Theranos and companion of Elizabeth.

Also in the cast Utkarsh Ambudkar in the role of Rakesh Madhava, Michel Gill as Chris Holmes and Bill Irwin in those of Channing Robertson. We will find then William H. Macy in the role of Richard Fuisz, Elizabeth Marvel in that of Noel Holmes e Laurie Metcalf as Phyllis Gardner. The series is created by Elizabeth Meriwether, already creator of New Girl (2011 – 2018) and produced by 20th Television e Searchlight Television.

The protagonist Amanda Seyfried, to the microphones of Variety confessed to nurturing a strong interest in events revolving around Elizabeth Holmes and her company. The actress confessed how intense it was for her to play that role, how she enjoyed it and how she gave her all for that character.

The Dropout: the series based on a true story, on Disney Plus

The meaning of Dropout

The choice to give the film the title The Dropout is very interesting. In fact, the term “dropout” means students who decide to leave school before completing their course of study. It is not a random choice, since it is precisely what happened to Elizabeth Holmes, who decided to abandon her studies, to chase her success, despite many professionals having given her a negative opinion about her invention.

Holmes was also one great admirer Steve Jobs, founder of Apple who, like her, had dropped out of school early, only to create one of the most important companies in the world. This was probably what the entrepreneur aspired to, eager to create something big, with only the strength of the ideas he had in his head.

The series focuses a lot on this ruthless mechanism that has seen the birth of brilliant minds, able to achieve enormous success even without the sufficient skills to create a product, making up for the gaps with an extraordinary motivation and great ideas, apparently unattainable. Driven by those who have succeeded, there are many who want to try us, thinking that achieving success is simple; unfortunately this is not always the case. A harsh reality and very different from the one we had in mind, can clash with the desire for success and push towards tragedy.

If you are interested in knowing this incredible true story, you just have to wait for tomorrow, April 20to enjoy, on Disney Plus, this new series that will immerse you in one great story of success, love and tragedy.

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