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The Eight Mountains: here comes the new official trailer of the film

The release of The eight mountains, a film with Luca Marinelli and Alessandro Borghi which is presented with a new official trailer is getting closer and closer

Coming out next December 22nd in Italian cinemas, The eight mountains is revealed with a brand new trailer, which shows us new images of Luca Marinelli and Alessandro Borghi, protagonists of the film. The film, awarded by the jury at the Cannes Film Festival 2022, is based on the homonymous novel by Paolo Cognetti, winner of the Strega prize in 2017. A highly anticipated work, produced by Wildside in collaboration with Sky and Prime Video. While waiting for its release, let’s find out something more with the second one trailer of the film.

The eight mountains: plot and cast

Luca Marinelli e Alessandro Borgo they play the roles of the protagonists of the film, also accompanied by Filippo Temi, Elena Lietti and Elisabetta Mazzullo. The story is that of two children who grow up together and try, in adulthood, to take a different path from that of their fathers, but due to a series of vicissitudes that are revealed to them, they constantly find themselves retracing their steps, on the way home.

The two friends come from two different worlds: Pietro from the frenetic city, Bruno from the harsh mountain. While the second always remains tied to his mountains, the first goes back and forth with the city and together they will experience many sensations, from love to loss, to try to understand what their destiny will be, always marked by thatbrotherly friendship who never leaves them.

The film is directed by Felix Van Groeningen e Charlotte Vandermeersch. The former, director and screenwriter, has works such as Beautiful Boy and Alabama Monroe – A love story behind him, with which he also received an Oscar nomination in 2014 in the Best Foreign Film category. The second, on the other hand, is making her directorial debut with The Eight Mountains, after having collaborated as a screenwriter in Alabama Monroe with her colleague.

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