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Even this year The Elder Scrolls Onlinethe mmorpg of Bethesda Softworks e Zenimax Onlinehas been able to delight in a new round of expansions with Legacy of the Bretons. As per tradition, this latest expansion was accompanied by three DLCs over the course of the year and Firesong it is the last. This chapter therefore closes the cycle dedicated to the race of gods Bretons and at High Islethe new geographical area introduced and a worthy ending to this adventure. So let’s find out all the details in the review of The Elder Scrolls Online Firesong.

Our review The Elder Scrolls Online Firesong

Also Firesong introduces a new area, we are talking about theGalen Island, a rich area characterized by three different biomes and inhabited by druids. Here, peace is threatened by continuous raids by pirates and sea elves and the cities of Vastyr and the druids who live there will need our protection. There will obviously be the “old” threats of the ascended order that will reveal the real reasons behind their misdeeds. Unlike High Isle, here we leave the intrigues of the nobles and the opulent houses behind to focus on a more rural setting and society but no less involved in the events of the game.

Among new faces and old acquaintances, we will explore the fascinating island of Galen to discover the truth and an ever-expanding and increasingly fascinating world. Galen is indeed characterized by different settings transformed by the presence of a volcano. There’s also no shortage of ruins to explore, new items to collect, and a gripping story that adds approx 15 hours of gameplay more.

A worthy conclusion

The structure of Firesong does not differ from the other DLCs (Ascending Tides and Lost Depths) in terms of content or gameplay, but we find a simpler story that will prove to be the worthy conclusion of this year’s cycle that began with High Isle. The game plot it develops in a linear way therefore do not expect noteworthy twists but she still managed to keep us entertained.

Again, the splendid settings and the rendering of the places is the host. Between volcanic areas, lush forests and dangerous swamps, we will explore even more wonders of Tamriel this time accompanied by the Breton Druids, their traditions and their magic. In this regard, the quests maintain the standards of The Elder Scrolls Online while not particularly shining. Just know that it will be possible pet some animals scattered around the island!

Along with the expansion have been also introduced some new features about the game such as a more simplified process of equipment modifications, an improvement of the game interface, new marketers and new ways to improve communication between players. Added to this is also a new deck of Stories Benefactor for the Tales of Tribute card game just introduced this year.

The Elder Scrolls Online Firesong review in a nutshell

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Firesong worthily concludes the story that began with Legacy of the Bretons, in perfect TESO style and without overdoing it. He was able to demonstrate, once again, how The Elder Scrolls Online still has a lot to tell us despite 8 years since its launch and how the interest of the software house has not decreased in the slightest, as well as the interest from the players.

The prospects for the future are still bright for this title and we can’t wait to find out what TESO 2023 has in store for us.

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