TIM launches the free Voice Wi-Fi service

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TIMleader in the telephony sector, has made the new service available in Italy Wi-Fi entrywhich allows you to receive and make calls to your mobile number using the Wi-Fi is the TEAM.

TIM Voice Wi-Fi

Why could such a service revolutionize the way users are used to receiving calls on their smartphones?

The explanation is very simple and can very well be given using an example: if unfortunately we find ourselves in a place where walls that are too thick make good mobile reception completely null and void, TIM’s Wi-Fi can be used as a substitute, making us available h24.

To use the service Wi-Fi entry it will suffice for TIM mobile customers to be connected to anyone’s Wi-Fi hotspot TIM consumer, fibra (FTTC, FTTH) o ADSL. You don’t even need to download a new application or activate a dedicated offer, as the Wi-Fi Voice service uses the VoIP-based Voice Over Wi-Fi (voWiFi) standard technology.

The price applied to Wi-Fi calls is that of the active mobile offer.

As for the compatible devices at the launch of the service, they are the recent ones Samsung of the range S22, Xiaomi 12 Series they Oppo A17. Obviously an extension to other smartphones of the main brands on the market is foreseen and this operation will take place in the coming weeks.

The characteristics of the new TIM service

Like any self-respecting service, Voce Wi-Fi also has characteristics that it is right to highlight in order.

  • Quality: thanks to the stability of TIM’s Wi-Fi.
  • Transparency: Voice Wi-Fi is a free service.
  • Comfort: in the absence of mobile coverage, the smartphone automatically uses the closest TIM Wi-Fi network on which you are registered.
  • Simplicity: all you need is your smartphone.

How to understand if the service is active? Very simple, already enabled smartphones will receive an SMS notifying the start of the service. The message will be sent to all TIM customers as soon as the smartphones are made compatible with Voice Wi-Fi.

For more information, please visit the tim.it website or click on the following link.

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