La pelle elettronica è realtà: completamente wireless e senza batteria integrata thumbnail

The electronic skin is reality: wireless and without a built-in battery

Electronic skin is a reality: completely wireless and without a built-in battery thumbnail

Woman with computer chip implant in hand

In the magazine Science dal Massachusetts Institute of Technology An article dedicated to the new “wireless” electronic skin able to detect and transmit signals and data arriving from the human body. From pulsations to sweating levels through to blood sugar, this wireless electronic skin is able to transmit signals without having to rely on a Bluetooth connection and without the need for an integrated battery. Here are all the details:

Electronic skin is a reality and it is also wireless, this is how it works

The new electronic skin is, in fact, one flexible film which acts as a semiconductor. This skin adheres to the human body like a real patch. Thanks to the activity of a layer thin gallium nitridematerial capable of producing an electrical signal or mechanical vibration according to the type of stimulus, it is possible to create a sensitive enough system to monitor various elements of the health of the human body.

According to Jeehwan Kim del Mit, this new technology, already renamed e-skin, lends itself to various applications and “can be applied to the body like a bandage and, coupled with a wireless reader on the smartphone, allows you to monitor heart rate, sweating and other biological signals”. We will see what the applications of this technology will be.

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