The EU Commission unveils the new Media Freedom Act

La Commissione UE presenta il nuovo Media Freedom Act thumbnail

The EU Commission presented the Media Freedom Act. It is a new system of rules aimed at protect media pluralism and independence in Europe. The goal of the new Media Freedom Act is also to avoid political interference in editorial decisions. Here are the full details:

Media Freedom Act: the new EU measure to protect the media from political interference

The new Media Freedom Act goes to establish EU transparency requirements on media ownership and shareholders and on the allocation of state advertising. Note that the use of spyware is prohibited, like Pegasus, on journalists by all the Authorities part of the EU. The new MediaFreedom Act also introduces new rules to regulate market mergers.

It should also be noted that the new system established by the EU introduces a set of rules with the aim of hindering the unjustified removal of multimedia contenti made using professional standards. Tech platforms, in cases that do not involve systemic risks such as disinformation, will be forced to contact interesting media before taking action with the removal.

It should also be noted that the possibility for users to customize the multimedia offer on devices such as Smart TVs is introduced. The new EU provision is destined to play a very important role in the regulation of the European media.