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The European Air Traffic Control Agency under attack

And cyber attack in progress, for which they have assumed responsibility for the pro-Russian hackers, it’s putting a strain on it the European agency for the air traffic control from Wednesday. According to Eurocontrol, the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation, lThe attack did not affect flightsbut compromised access to yours website.

The European Air Traffic Control Agency under attack

“We are experiencing disruptions to the website and web availability due to the attack,” a Eurocontrol spokesman said. “European aviation has not been impacted.” The International Air Transport Association also confirmed that air traffic is normal. “There were no disruptions to commercial air traffic, no disruptions or delays due to the cyber attack,” the industry group said.

The pro-Russian hacker group KillNet, known for its distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against government institutions and private companies in a “pro-Russia” key, has launched a appeal to black hat hackers via a Telegram app post on April 19. In the post, KillNet asked to offer their support for a DDoS attack against Eurocontrolwhich would have had to last for “100 hours”.

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KillNet motivated its attack on Eurocontrol with the fact that the latter was linked to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), which supports Ukraine in the war against Russia. The group threatened to “create serious inconvenience to all airlines in Europe”.

KillNet previously claimed responsibility for a DDoS attack on US airlines last October. In that case, it had blocked online services at major airports, leaving passengers stranded. Also in Europe since the beginning of the war in Ukraine hit a total of more than 30 airfields.


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