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The Last Of Us 1 PC review: a missed opportunity

In this review we analyze the port of The Last Of Us 1 for PC which has certainly left us a bit of a bad taste in our mouths

The Last of Us is an action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 console. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic future where much of humanity has been destroyed by a fungal epidemic that transforms humans into monstrous creatures. The Last of Us was acclaimed from the criticism for his engaging storyline, the well-developed characters and the intense and claustrophobic atmosphere. Recently, the game was finally made available for PC, allowing a wider audience to experience this gaming masterpiece. In this review, to complete the much more exhaustive one for PS5, which we suggest you read by clicking here, we are going to dissect the technical aspects of a versione porting PC exclusive.

The Last Of Us 1 PC review: a missed opportunity

The plot like a movie – Review The Last Of Us 1 PC

Before going into the review we want to delight you with one explanation per chieftains of the plot, without any spoilers. We want to emphasize that it is almost a film, not only for the narrative quality, but also for the immersion that the player feels during the gaming experience. The narrative leads us into Texas, more precisely ad Austin, at the beginning of an unprecedented epidemic. The initial scenes are chilling and represent the ideal prologue for the experience that will follow. The virus, as we will discover, mutates its victims into ravenous and merciless creatures. In a world in disarray, Joel he is willing to do anything to survive, even to become a mercenary and perform unthinkable acts. After meeting with Ellie But The Last Of Us becomes the story of a newfound bond, of a girl who wants to make sense of life own existence and a father who wants to win back his life.

The Last Of Us 1 PC review: a missed opportunity

A port left to itself – Review The Last Of Us 1 PC

If it is true that, like every time, we stay amazed e be enchanted from the beauty timeless of this title, with a fine narrative and videogame workmanship, it is also true that this time there are many criticisms to be made. The team Of development he certainly had to deal with very tight deadlines, probably in order to speed up the release, making it almost comparable to that of the TV series. The result However it’s bordering on decencyfor a title that represents a real milestone of the video game.

The technical sector of the game is quite insufficient, starting from the download of the shaders up to the continuous lag during the gameplay. Not to mention of usage from the CPU top notch which makes the whole experience quite unstable e hardly enjoyable. Definitely an unsuccessful job, obviously to be improved with extreme urgency, but which in any case exposes a reality, that of video game development companies, which once again is obliged to keep up with crazy timing.

Gaming Experience and Testing – The Last Of Us 1 PC Review

Before going into the gaming experience, which I already anticipated was enough poor e problematic, it’s fair to give you a yardstick of the build that was used.

  • Case: Be Quiet! Pure Base 500 FX
  • Motherboard: Biostar B660 GTA
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 12600
  • RAM: Crucial Ballistix 3200 MHz 16GB (8×2)
  • SSD: Samsung 980 PRO 1 TB
  • Video Card: AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT (Adrenalin 23.4.1)

The gaming experience began after viewing several negative opinions that have already put us on a war footing. However, without any prejudice and with the desire to deal again with an epic and much loved title, we started the game for the first time. The download of the shaders initially took about half an hour, with the CPU al 97%then crash hard erasing all progress. On the second start, however, the installation of the shaders was successful after as many minutes and it was possible to start the game. The initial graphics settings were set to 2K with high settings, blocking the FPS a 60 (going further, if not for the pure performance test phases, was objectively useless).

The game maintains values ​​throughout the gameplay GPU usage e CPU Enough swinging e anomaly, with the CPU definitely squeezed to the bone. This has often caused sudden crashes that can’t be cashed on the fingers of one hand. At this point several tests were also carried out at lower details, unlocking the FPS or even scaling the resolution to Full-HD, but the problems have always recurred making the gaming experience problematic e hardly enjoyable.

The continuous release of corrective patches, however, is the only glimmer of hope we can cling to. Nautghy Dog all in all, he is releasing corrective patches (the latest ones date back all’11 ed al April 14th) which fixed some of the countless graphical bugs. Last, but not least, the many problems related to audio, game interface and general graphics as well as the use of AMD FSR 2 which was going to corrupt the environment using for example the torch. These last listed problems have been partially resolved with the latest patch but it would be really impossible to list all the problems encountered in these days of testing.

Wanting to put aside the many problems of the ported version for a moment, the game is always the same. History that is a masterpiece, music up to par, immersion in the crazy game ed incomparable emotions. The AI ​​on normal difficulty remains unintelligent overall, even if it is still improved compared to previous versions of the title. There graphic rendering (always glossing over the innumerable problems for an instant) one notices that he really is fulfilling e detailed.


The advice that perhaps is most important to give you is to do not play this game for the moment. It would really be a shame to spoil such an unprecedented and breathtaking gaming experience. Wait a few more weeks or months for the situation to improve, because it will certainly improve. Tests, we want to emphasize, are not strictly dependent on hardware features of the PC, since, as is known, several users, even with overkill configurations, have unfortunately had similar problems. It is certainly a pity that a title of this caliber can be pilloried by users who (rightly!) complain voraciously about an absolutely insufficient optimization. We are sure that Naughty Dog is doing everything to make playable and enjoyable a game that, we are sure, will will enter the heart. Let’s just hope we can play it smoothly in a short time.

What do you think about this porting? Let us know with a comment below and continue reading to stay updated on the latest news and more. To buy video games at a discounted price, take a look at Kinguin.

Plus points

  • Masterpiece story
  • Left Behind incluso
  • Improved AI (compared to older versions)

Points against

  • Absolutely unworthy port
  • Bugs of all kinds
  • Prezzo