The evolution of online gaming: between history and fun at the limit of the license

Playing is always fun. Whether it’s a board game or a console game, fun is guaranteed

We laugh, we joke, we concentrate and sometimes we are agitated by defeat. Which is great when you also think about the fact that many games are now available online. Just to have entertainment at your fingertips, right? Or click, to put it better.

But how did online gaming ever come about? How has it evolved over the years? And above all, what does the technology for the online games of the future have in store for us? Here it is explained in this article.

Playing Online: Dated or Modern? Let’s find out right away

For non-practitioners of online gaming, this article will have many of those curiosities in store that even true lovers of online gaming will lose their minds! In fact, you will find right here the history of online gaming – obviously summarized, emphasizing the main stages – starting from the past to move on to the present and imagine the future.

Don’t worry, it won’t be boring. Remember that playing is synonymous with fun, entertainment, distraction, pastime but above all pleasure and fun. And this article will not be outdone!

The history of online gaming: a distant past, but never as much as technology

If you can’t answer the question “when did the online game start”, I understand. Although the answer to this question is much easier than you think. But let’s start from the beginning: the past, in fact.

It is said among the rumors of Wikipedia, that before online games circulated, however, offline games, or those that inserted into the console, were able to give many emotions – even today the nostalgic tear escapes the memory.

Thanks to the Nintendo platform, invented and presented to the public only in 1985, it was possible to play Super Mario, Tetris and many other games. There are even those who say that it was Nintendo that created many and many other genres of video games.

Until in the 90s portable consoles and fixed devices stormed the pockets, backpacks and homes of children. In fact, in 1994, PlayStation was born.

Who does not yet have one in their home or, at the very least, still wishes to have one? The enormous success of PlayStation has allowed not only a notable enlargement of the varied audience of children and adults who love video games, but also a considerable and sudden evolution of technology of game. This is the same reason why the PlayStation 5 came out and we are fantasizing about the sixth, and video games have transformed from frivolous cartridges to comfortable and practical CDs … until the 2000s that is!

The present of online games: with bated breath since 2000

Precisely in 2000, thanks to the advent of the internet, offline games, which totally and which partially, became online. In fact, it is the Internet that has made it possible to create real “virtual worlds” in which connectivity and innovation represent the key to access.

The first online game to be invented, right in 2000, it was TheSims, a great classic for some or a great memory for others.

The internet itself has made it possible to create huge virtual worlds – although they seem small in our smartphones or computers – in which it is possible to interact and play with anyone anywhere in the world. that’s how fanbases were born, online tournaments and, above all, how to play online is now seen as a real sport by the IOC (International Olympic Committee).

Playing online: what awaits us in the future? From modernity to today’s fashion to the creative innovation of tomorrow

Nowadays, beyond console games such as Wii, PlayStation, Xbox and many others, which have now become great classics (for example: GTA, FIFA, Super Mario, Fortnite, etc.), online casinos are strong. They are free and a great pastime if you play responsibly.

However, unlike other online games available for free to the public, a license is valid for online casinos that will allow you not to leave you bankrupt in an unpleasant situation.

That’s why you can find a safe online casino on licensed gaming platforms, as long as you play responsibly! Playing is a liberation and not a submission to addiction. So, let’s get started!