“Stay cool with Beko”: let’s try to win an air purifier

From 23 May to 5 June 2021 Beko will be on-air with the radio campaign in support of the promotion “BE FRESH WITH BEKO” which will allow you to have a very useful air purifier as a gift, when purchasing a fixed or portable air conditioner. strategic campaign in view of the summer that focuses on the ideal time to choose the right product and ensure total well-being at home

With the promotion “STAY FRESH WITH BEKO” it will be possible to take home a ATP5100I air purifier, when purchasing a fixed air conditioner from the BEEPI, BEHPI, BRHPR, BEUPC series or a portable air conditioner from the BP series with integrated Home Whiz connectivity. In support of the initiative, a national radio campaign that it will start on May 23 and will cover a two-week period. The radio spot will tell the unique and above all strategic offer that focuses on total well-being proposed by Beko in view of the summer.On air on RADIO DEEJAY, RADIO ITALIA, RDS, RADIO 105, RADIO 101, RMC and finally RADIO SUBASIO the campaign will see further 330 steps with the aim of reaching over 10 million net contacts. To complete the campaign, digital planning, geo-targeting and mainly live on the Youtube channel and the Amazon network for a total of 1.5 million impressions. To make the current promotion known to the market, Beko relied on Yam12003 for the creation of the 30-second spot for the radio and digital campaign, in addition to the dedicated landing page on the brand’s website, the social creativity and all the materials distributed in the stores. The campaign focuses on total well-being proposed by Beko in view of the summer. The goal is to increase sell out through the dedicated promo, the awareness of Beko as a brand that sells air conditioners and in general increase awareness of the brand.

"Stay cool with Beko": let's try to win an air purifier

“STAY COOL WITH BEKO”: buy an air conditioner, win a purifier

The setting of the campaign is a local market, which has an immediate sound recognition because resumes the typical screams with which sellers promote their goods trying to attract customers. But in this case the proposed goods are paradoxical: the freshness in question does not in fact concern fish or vegetables, but rather the air conditioners, as if the ideal climate could be found on a stall. Of course this is not possible and the invitation is to choose all the quality and technology of Beko. With the new promo “STAY COOL AT HOME”, Beko demonstrates its constant attention to the customer and reconfirms itself as the perfect ally in everyday life. But how do you live in full well-being and with the right climate throughout the house? For all those who purchase one of the promotional products, during the duration of the prize operation, in a sales point in Italy or in San Marino or online, immediately a free air purifier. To request the prize, you must connect to the website www.beko.it, access the section dedicated to the operation and fill in the registration form with all the required data and those of the purchase receipt or order confirmation and upload the photo / scan. All the details on the prize are however indicated directly on the site. Keep following us!

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